Preferences tab

You can use this tab to change the FW2000e name that defines the device network and enable periodic reboot. You can also change the language and how dates, time, distance, and numbers are displayed in the web UI.

NOTE: These preferences affect packets sent to remote servers. For example, if you select a 24-hour time format, the web UI and any packets reporting time somewhere else, will display time in 24-hour format.

User Preferences

Device Name: The device name that defines the device network and URL to access the FW2000e local web UI. NOTE: Depending on your service provider, this selection may be read-only.

Enable Reboot: Enables a periodic reboot feature that allows the device to automatically restart every two weeks. NOTE: By default, the reboot occurs at 2:00 AM on Sunday. You can change the schedule in Inseego Connect preference settings.

Language: Select a language for the Admin web UI.

Date: Select the date format to be used throughout the web UI (mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy).

Time: Select the time format to be used throughout the web UI (12 or 24 hour).

Distance: Select the distance format to be used for the web UI when marking GPS altitude and accuracy (Feet or Meters).

Number format: Choose the format for decimal numbers displayed in the web UI (using a period or comma as the decimal point).

Click Save Changes to update settings.

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