Indicator LEDs

The device LED is located in the SIM compartment and is visible through the protective shield. It changes colors and either blinks or glows solid to communicate current states for the device.

LED colorOperationMeaning
Solid Blinking
Strong 5G connection (3 – 5 bars) Weak 5G connection (1 – 2 bars)
Solid Blinking
Strong 4G connection (3 – 5 bars) Weak 4G connection (1 – 2 bars)
Software update is in progress
Solid Blinking
CPE is booting up No service, SIM error, or locked SIM card
*If the LED is blue or green and the SIM appears active, but you cannot browse the internet, contact your service provider to check the status of the SIM and troubleshoot any APN issues.
**This color can look more lime green than yellow.

The PoE injector also has an indicator LED.

NOTE: The LED does not indicate data transmission.

When the LED is green, the FW2000e is NOT connected and there is no load.
When the LED is red, the FW2000e is connected.
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