ZTP tab

Use this tab to initiate Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) when onboarding devices to Inseego 5G SD EDGE Manager.

When registering or configuring a device with SD EDGE, you will receive an activation email with instructions and an activation URL. Connect to the device network and click the provided activation link to begin the activation process. The ZTP page displays the configuration parameters and progress of the activation.

NOTE: Once a device is registered with SD EDGE, all configurations are managed by EDGE Manager and are no longer available through the Admin web UI, Inseego Mobile app, or Inseego Connect.

SD EDGE Server: The URL of the SD EDGE server.

Last Keepalive: The last amount of time since that last WireGuard tunnel handshake with SD EDGE. This is used for debugging.

Device Name: The name of the device.

Tenant Name: The name of the tenant on which the device is registered.

MAC: The Media Access Controller (MAC) address for the bridge interface.

ZTP Status: The activation process displays in eight steps. When a step is in progress, the step text displays blue with fade-in/fade-out animation and a timestamp. When a step is successfully completed, the animation stops, and the text is solid blue. When Step 8 displays as green, the activation is complete.

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