Bringing the power of 5G to a world of new applications

We get it. When people hear "5G"
they usually think, "Oh … faster

But 5G is so much more than that:

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It’s a paramedic sending scans from the ambulance to the ER on the way to the hospital.

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It’s an energy company averting power outages with real-time monitoring of the grid.

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It’s a smarter city with faster-flowing traffic and mass transit systems.

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It’s a smarter home with computers, TVs, game consoles and many other connected devices.

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It’s also smarter factories, smarter farms, connected cars, augmented reality … you name it.

At Inseego, we’re creating 5G solutions that bring these breakthrough applications to life.

A history of innovation.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reinvented wireless. We’ve been leading the way for 25 years by creating entirely new types of devices, including the world’s first mobile hotspots. That’s how we’ve earned the trust of leading wireless operators, technology titans, business users, government agencies and consumers.
We make wireless work wonders, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.
  • 5G


    First Commercial Mobile Hotspots

    First Complete 5G Portfolio
    timeline 5G mifi m1000
  • 4G


    Highest Performance in the Market

    First Touchscreen Mobile Hotspot
    Advanced Enterprise Features
    timeline 4G MiFiLliberate
  • 3G


    Invented MiFi® hotspots
    Enabled First Cellular Amazon® Kindle®

    First USB Memory Stick Modem Combos
    First Global Modems
    timeline 3G Kindle
  • 2G


    Industry’s First Modems for Mobile Broadband

    timeline 2G Minstrelm500b

Faster, smarter, better wireless experiences.

Best-of-breed technologies

We don’t just invent new products; we also invent the technologies that make them work better. Inseego holds key patents for antenna designs, thermal performance, quick response algorithms and other know-how that sets us apart.

Powerful partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders give us valuable insights into the technologies, components, networks and market forces that are shaping the 5G future. We work closely with these leaders to design, develop, test and deploy successful, end-to-end solutions.

The 5G leaders

After launching one of the world’s first commercial 5G products in 2019, we’re now introducing a second wave of 5G solutions through leading wireless carriers worldwide — with airtight security and game-changing performance.

Designed and developed in the USA

That translates into the highest quality, security, performance and reliability that service providers, enterprises and government users demand.

Inseego products and markets

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Mobile Broadband

Our 4G and 5G devices — modems, routers and MiFi® mobile hotspots — are trusted by millions of users worldwide, including consumers and remote workers in every industry.

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Fixed Wireless Access

Our new 5G fixed wireless access solutions deliver better home broadband experiences, with much higher speed, greater connectivity and more flexibility than traditional wireline.

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Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Our rugged and reliable Skyus® modems, routers, gateways and Inseego Manage cloud-based solutions are designed for SD-WANs, private networks, remote monitoring, industrial automation and other growing global markets.

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Enterprise SaaS

Our Ctrack® telematics solution provides real-time visibility and control of fleets, assets and driver behavior, from vehicle tracking to asset monitoring to busines intelligence, helping companies improve on-time performance, safety and operating efficiency.

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Edge Computing

Working with researchers and developers from many different industries, our Advanced Technology Group is piloting solutions for real-time responsiveness and control at the “edge” of the network, where ultra-reliable low-latency connections, combined with AI and other technologies, can deliver huge improvements in productivity, safety and more.

Our core values

We keep our promises and own up to our mistakes.

Sense of Urgency
Sense of urgency

We act quickly to keep projects moving forward.

Market Driven Innovation
Market-driven innovation

We create purpose-built solutions that meet real-world needs.

Customer focus
Customer focus

We win and keep our customers by understanding and partnering with them closely.


We work hard, deal honestly and treat everyone with fairness and respect.

Quality Policy

Through innovation, teamwork, commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and continuous improvement, we will deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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