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How Inseego solutions are transforming industries everywhere

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Government agencies and installations have stringent compliance, security and accountability requirements. Trusted by government users for decades, Inseego solutions provide the advanced security, connectivity and control they need.

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Your business never stops, and neither can your internet connections. Inseego’s device-to-cloud solutions provide ultra-reliable connections for enterprise and industrial IoT networks, from SD-WAN failover solutions to mobile asset monitoring.

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Today’s digital life depends on wireless communications, and our trusted, high-performance 4G and 5G solutions keep you connected for work, learning and entertainment — faster and better than you ever imagined — at home and on the go.

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Education systems need remote connectivity now more than ever, and Inseego provides affordable, reliable, easy-use solutions. Our 4G and 5G wireless devices provide vital internet connections to students, teachers and other learning resources.

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From small retail shops and restaurants to wide-area digital signage providers, we connect businesses everywhere with easy, reliable solutions that deliver on-the-spot internet access and drive higher customer satisfaction.

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Public Safety

When emergency or disaster strikes, every second counts. Our fast, reliable, secure wireless connectivity solutions help public safety officials prepare and respond faster, with real-time information for mission-critical operations.

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We’re helping to make healthcare more effective, efficient and convenient by connecting patients (and their devices) to medical professionals, connecting paramedics to hospitals, connecting pharmacists to delivery systems and more.

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Private Networks

From corporate campuses to college campuses, from entertainment venues to ports and military bases, organizations are discovering the power of LTE and 5G private networks that improve their operations and customer experiences.

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Smart Infrastructure

Energy, transportation and other critical infrastructure providers are moving to 5G-based solutions to make their systems smarter, faster, more secure and more reliable. Inseego technology plays a vital role in all these applications.

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Industrial Automation

New high-speed, low-latency Industry 4.0 applications demand fast and responsive connections to automate operations, monitor performance, maintain critical equipment and more. Inseego provides a wide range of LTE and 5G solutions.

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