4G LTE USB Modems & IoT Connectivity

Dependable 4G LTE connectivity for business continuity

For challenging or remote locations where reliable connections & mobile broadband are a necessity.

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A broad range of reliable 4G LTE devices to provide 24/7 connectivity

Rugged and reliable 4G LTE devices for primary or fail-over scenarios. Designed for industrial enclosures, robotics, smart CNC machines, in-vehicle MiFi hotspots, mobile or temporary location and more.


  • Enterprise-grade LTE connectivity
  • 2 x 3FF micro SIM cards
  • Cat 1 LTE and Cat 4 LTE
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USB8 series

  • Plug & play FirstNet Ready
  • Global connectivity in 200+ countries
  • Cat 18 LTE
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BPC 100

  • 3 hrs of backup power
  • HD Voice over LTE technology
  • Cat 4 LTE
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Fast, flexible IoT and failover connections

The Skyus SC modem provides reliable LTE WAN connectivity in a portable package that is remotely managed by Inseego Connect, Inseego’s secure cloud management platform. Perfect for SD-WAN networking and remote WAN solutions. It offers low-power, reliable connections for both primary and failover use cases. Additional features include USB for plug & play capability, as well as a built-in connection manager. Together, you’ve got an economical, easy to implement choice for a wide variety of IoT needs.

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Stay connected on the go

When you need a fast, secure, convenient internet connection anywhere, the versatile USB8 shines. With 4G LTE (Cat 18) speeds, HSPA+, and UMTS, it’s the fastest commercially available USB dongle in the United States. The USB8 provides the highest quality 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi available on a USB stick for first responders, enterprises, and government entities worldwide.

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High quality voice and data without the landline

BPC100’s VoLTE delivers voice calls over a 4G LTE network allowing you to hear inbound and outbound calls in high-definition with clear, natural sounding audio. Purpose-built to deliver seamless, reliable and secure phone connections with optimized antenna performance and built-in battery backup for added reliability.

Which 4G device is right for you?

Powerful 4G connection for all your devices.


LTE connectivity
Full specs and purchase

USB8 series

Plug & play
FirstNet Ready
Full specs and purchase

BPC 100

3 hrs
of backup power
Full specs and purchase
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Enterprise-grade security

Avoid costly attacks on your business network from malicious users with Inseego device’s integrated security protocols. Multiple layers of encryption, enhanced Wi-Fi security, firewall filtering, built-in VPN support, IT admin controls and other features deliver strong security at every level.

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How IoT routers work

4G LTEUSB modem routers use cellular data (4G LTE) to provide high-speed broadband access to a home, office, mobile, or temporary location without the need for cables.

Infographic showcasing Inseego connect managing multiple networks.

Manage your devices and networks from any location, over the air

All Inseego wi-fi routers, CPE, wi-fi hotspots, access points, and IoT gateway devices support Inseego Connect. Inseego connect is a subscription SaaS cloud service that makes it easy for administrators to perform device management across their corporate networks, IoT applications, and data centers.

5G connectivity for every scenario

5G Indoor cellular routers

Plug and play 5G / 4G LTE indoor cellular routers for rapid and cost-effective deployment

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Mobile hotspots

Instant, portable 4G lTE and 5G connectivity with long-lasting battery life.

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5G Outdoor CPEs

Outdoor mounted 5G CPEs for edge-of-network and challenging locations.

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IoT Gateways

Ultra Reliable, 5G internet for continuous business connectivity.

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