5G powered secure access service edge - SASE

Secure your business' network data & control your broadband usage with Inseego SD Edge SASE solutions

Combine SD-WAN & SASE for enhanced control, security and potential for your network.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) are combined into Inseego SD-EDGE. The cloud software provides a secure connection between users and the applications they need, while also providing secure access to business-critical services. The solution supports policies for Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization, dynamic routing, network security, network access controls, data encryption, zone-based firewalling, and network automation. The integrated security platform simplifies IT operations and provides businesses with more flexibility and seamless access to managing their networks.

Consistent security

SASE brings together multiple security functions - such as NGFW, SWG, DLP, DNS Filtering, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and FWAAS - into a single SASE platform for end-to-end security.

Reduced complexity

IT teams benefit from fewer complexities with centrally managed security policies and a cloud-centric user experience that offers scalability, lower latency, and performance.

Improved visibility & control

SASE provides improved visibility and control over the entire network with a diagnostic-grade view of all traffic patterns, users, and activities worldwide.

Low latency

With SASE architecture, organizations can take advantage of low latency and optimized routing and connection for remote workers and branch offices.

Always in compliance

SASE centralizes security policy management across networks, users, applications, and more to safeguard cloud services, SaaS apps, distant users, and IoT devices to ensure organizations comply with current security/governance policies to stop data loss prevention and cybersecurity threats.

QoS traffic prioritization: 

Quality of service (QoS) traffic prioritization adjusts network and traffic conditions, allowing for prioritization of specific traffic types. This is done through segmenting data traffic and assigning varying priority values based on application/service type.

How does SASE work?

SASE stands for "Secure Access Service Edge" and is a networking and security architecture that combines software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and security features into a single service. It consolidates multiple functions including patch management, intrusion detection, encryption, identity management, access control, edge and cloud gateway, and application security.

SASE use cases 

Network authentication for all users 

Ensure all end-users are securely authenticated before being granted access to a network.

Data encryption over a network 

Protect transferred data from interception by encrypting it during transmission between endpoints.

Control access to network resources 

Regulate which users and devices can access specific resources on the network based on predefined parameters

Audit network activities 

Proactively monitor and log all activities on the network, allowing it to be tracked and analyzed

Gather network usage analytics 

Collect usage data from the network infrastructure to detect patterns, identify trends, and alert administrators of any suspicious activity

Secure zero-trust network access - ZTNA

Comprehensive, cloud-native SASE platform to enable secure zero-trust network access (ZTNA) for all enterprise users, devices, and applications. Utilizing a centralized security solution with cloud-delivered security functions, Inseego helps secure both cloud-based and on-premises workloads while delivering secure connectivity, reliable data center and branch office routing, and improved user experience for remote and mobile users.

Control all remote access

Empower IT teams with robust security capabilities and cutting-edge technologies to secure all remote users. This cloud security platform specifically provides threat prevention, data loss prevention (DLP), firewall as a service (FWAAS), and DNS filtering to help mitigate real-time risks and protect your most sensitive data.

Enable both SASE & SD-WAN

Inseego SD Edge enables businesses to take advantage of both SASE and SD-WAN with a single platform to manage cybersecurity across all cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Your organization can quickly reduce storage, cost, and latency while boosting scalability and optimization with unified visibility, control, and management.

How does SD-WAN work? 

SD-WAN architecture is an overlay technology that makes use of existing WAN connections such as wireline, 5G, and MPLS while managing them centrally in the cloud, allowing for secure, real-time remote access and faster more efficient communication between branch networks and central networks.

Future-proof your business for the digital transformation era 

Inseego's SD Edge solution helps your business prepare for the digital transformation era by allowing them to take advantage of the advantages of both 5G SD-WAN & SASE technologies in a single unified platform. It provides your business with essential security, management, and control tools, making it easy to stay secure, compliant, and cost-effective as your business takes the next step into the future.