5G powered SD-WAN and SASE networking

Control your business' network data & broadband usage, reduce their costs, and keep them secure & compliant with Inseego SD Edge

What is Inseego SD Edge and how does it benefit your business?

Inseego provides both Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) in the form of its SD Edge solution. Inseego SD Edge provides a unified, automated, and secure connection to your network of branch sites, cloud resources, and regional data centers. It offers advanced visibility, control, and security tools to give you better insight into your resources, ensuring maximum functionality and reliability.

Increase security & reduce risks

Extend the security functions of the network into cloud applications, branch locations, and endpoints

Centralized management

Easily monitor the network performance and data usage for every branch, cloud application, and data center all in one place

Prioritize real-time traffic

Automatically select the best path for each connection and prioritize the most important data traffic over less important traffic

Leverage your existing hardware

Leverage existing routers, firewalls, and gateways, while allowing IT teams to apply their own policies and network topology.

Flexible network layout

Design your network layout, customize routing, and dynamically aggregate multiple connections

Virtually segregate your network

SD-WAN solutions provide a secure and private network that is segregated from the public internet through virtualization

How does SD-WAN work?

SD-WAN architecture is an overlay technology that makes use of existing WAN connections such as wireline, 5G, and MPLS while managing them centrally in the cloud, allowing for secure, real-time remote access and faster more efficient communication between branch networks and central networks.

SD-WAN use cases

Consolidate data across multiple sites

SD-WAN technology can be used to easily manage multiple different sites, and consolidate their data onto a single platform utilizing virtual links, cloud and network traffic

Enable automatic load balancing & failover

SD-WAN provides automatic failover & load balancing which allows the network to automatically allocate resources to different internet connection points in order to optimize performance.

Simplify branch management

SD-WAN simplifies branch management by providing a central platform for cost-effective access, management, and control over applications across distributed branch offices

Enhance the hybrid workforce

SD-WAN and SASE enable organizations to securely connect, optimize, and protect remote users, as well as on-premises applications and networks, to enable seamless access to enterprise resources for a successful hybrid workforce

Automate network management

SD WAN-based automation using zero-touch provisioning and orchestration simplifies configuration and speeds up network deployments

Consistent quality of service (QoS)

SD-WAN offers Quality of Service (QoS) by leveraging dynamically changing network connectivity and traffic conditions to provide configuration options for prioritizing certain types of traffic. This is possible through the segmentation of the data traffic into identifiable parts, allowing administrators to assign different priority values based on the application/service type.

Inseego SD-Edge enables self-hosting

Inseego will host SD Edge for you, however, if preferable your business can take advantage of the ability to self-host SD Edge Manager’s appliance on your data center for maximum control and security.

5G is the perfect partner for SD-WAN

5G delivers a wide range of benefits to SD-WAN, such as lower latency, increased bandwidth, and improved scalability. 5G also offers reduced costs, as it removes the need for costly MPLS connections. By utilizing 5G’s speed and reliability, SD-WAN can be leveraged to create networks for different applications, ensuring data is reliably moved between branch offices and the cloud.

How does SASE work?

SASE stands for "Secure Access Service Edge" and is a networking and security architecture that combines software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and security features into a single service. It consolidates multiple functions including patch management, intrusion detection, encryption, identity management, access control, edge and cloud gateway, and application security.

Enable a seamless transition into SASE

Inseego SD-Edge combines SD-WAN and SASEnetwork security functions like firewall, VPN, zero-trust network access (ZTNA), intrusion detection and prevention, URL filtering, and more, to create a unified platform. This allows organizations to securely connect employees, vendors, partners, and customers to their networks from anywhere in the world.

Future-proof your business for the digital transformation era

Inseego's SD Edge solution helps your business prepare for the digital transformation era by allowing them to take advantage of the advantages of both 5G SD-WAN & SASE technologies in a single unified platform. It provides your business with essential security, management, and control tools, making it easy to stay secure, compliant, and cost-effective as your business takes the next step into the future.