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Remote Device & Cloud Management Software

Inseego provides comprehensive software solutions for remote network management and on-the-edge worksite security. Our software provides visibility, control, and security across an entire network, from the cloud and on-premises. This is accomplished by providing secure access control and authentication, real-time data & analytics, and remote management capabilities.

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Inseego Connect™

The multi-tiered configuration and centralized device management platform. Inseego Connect gives enterprise IT managers and small businesses a powerful tool to seamlessly operate networks without having to be on-premises. Leverage Inseego Connect for flexible remote monitoring of device health and status.

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Inseego Mobile™ app

Stay on top of potential customer issues with the Inseego Mobile app with both iOS devices and Android devices. Easily install Inseego hardware, find the best signal reception locations and troubleshoot with the easy-to-use user interface.

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Inseego 5G SD EDGE™

Inseego SD Edge is a cloud-based management system that provides remote monitoring & comprehensive worksite network security. It is designed to provide IT teams with real-time visibility, control, and management of critical network infrastructure. This is accomplished in a secure manner with advanced authentication, authorization, and encryption.

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Boost your defenses with tougher cybersecurity

Secure corporate data and improve peace of mind with Inseego's device security features, VPNs, and firewall filtering. Our software detects and responds in real-time to security threats like malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks, while reducing your attack surface on end-user devices to enable a secure BYOD policy.

Future proofed & scalable to help you stay ahead of the game

Inseego solutions leverage 5G networks and edge computing to improve network reliability, speed, and decentralize business operations. New endpoint management features like micro-segmentation help meet SLAs, enabling remote workers and connected vehicles to run mission-critical applications with ease.

5G connectivity for every scenario

5G Indoor cellular routers

Plug and play 5G / 4G LTE indoor cellular routers for rapid and cost-effective deployment.

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Mobile hotspots

Instant, portable 4G lTE and 5G connectivity with long-lasting battery life.

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5G Outdoor CPEs

Outdoor mounted 5G CPEs for edge-of-network and challenging locations.

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IoT Gateways

Ultra-Reliable, 4G LTE & 5G internet for continuous business connectivity.

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LTE USB Modems / IoT Solutions

Dependable 4G LTE connectivity & IoT devices for business continuity.

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