Connecting to the FW2000e

To turn on your FW2000e and connect a device:

1. Check that the PoE cable from the FW2000e is in the Data & Power Out port on the PoE power injector and the PoE power injector is plugged into an earthed AC outlet.

The LED on the PoE power injector glows red when connected.

2. Insert one end of a Cat6A Ethernet cable into the Data In port on the PoE power injector.

3. Insert the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port of the device you wish to connect.

WARNING! Use only the PoE power injector supplied with the FW2000e. Unapproved power supplies could cause overheating or fires, resulting in serious bodily injury, death, or property damage. Do not defeat the safety purpose of a grounding-type plug. Use the PoE power injector only in combination with an earth-socked outlet.

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