Inseego Connect sub tab

Use this page to enable and configure settings for connection with Inseego Connect. Inseego Connect is a cloud platform product that provides 360-degree visibility and secure accessibility into your deployment from a single platform.

Cloud Services

By default, the connection to Inseego Connect is ON. Slide the ON/OFF slider to OFF if you wish to disable the connection.


Connection state: The status of the Inseego Connect connection.

  • UP – FW2000e is communicating with Inseego Connect servers.
  • DOWN – FW2000e is NOT communicating with Inseego Connect servers.

Last reported: The time when FW2000e last sent a packet to Inseego Connect servers.

Reporting interval: This is the interval at which your FW2000e will send packets into the Inseego Connect server. NOTE: A shorter interval means more data usage.

Inseego Connect Mobile App

You can download the Inseego Mobile app from your device’s app store.

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