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Join Inseego thought leaders at these industry events and webinars.
Inseego Webinar Video

24 Sep 2020

1:35 PM CST|
Light Reading & Informa

Big 5G Event

Inseego SVP of Product Management Adam Gould discusses Connectivity for the Edge Computing Era with other industry leaders.

Inseego Webinar Video

12 Nov 2020

12 – 13 Nov|

5G and Beyond Forum

The Center for Wireless Communications (CWC) at UC San Diego will be celebrating its 25th anniversary and holding its eighth annual "5G and Beyond" Forum on November 12-13, 2020. The theme of this year’s event will be “Innovating 5G - Envisioning 6G”. Join Inseego thought leaders at this exciting virtual event.

Inseego Webinar Video

01 Dec 2020

11:00 AM ET|
Fierce Wireless

5G Edge Transformation, What Comes Next?

As part of 5G, there’s a big movement to deploy thousands of new edge computing locations to bring applications closer to consumers. These edge locations will reduce latency for super demanding applications such as autonomous driving and remote surgery. Where are these edge compute locations being deployed and who is deploying them? How much compute, memory and storage can stay at the edge and how much has to remain in more central locations? Will these edge locations implement artificial intelligence?


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