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How 5G and edge computing enhance each other

5G and edge computing are two of the most important technologies of the digital era. They’re each impressive on their own. But they also synergize, providing complementary strengths.
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CBRS helps organizations leverage private cellular networks

Private cellular networks are local area networks that are dedicated to one specific user or organization. Unlike public cellular networks, they are owned and operated by a single organization, granting it full control over the network and its performance, helping ensure secure, reliable, and high-performance cellular connectivity. And Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is an ideal way for organizations to leverage the strengths of private cellular networks.
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5G fixed wireless access (FWA) reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for businesses

By reducing infrastructure and equipment costs, increasing competition, and improving reliability, 5G FWA can offer a cost-effective and scalable solution for high-speed internet access.
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What is Cellular Failover?

Cellular failover is a technology that provides an additional layer of resilience and reliability to internet connections by providing a secondary connection that kicks in if the primary connection fails.
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What is a Cellular Router?

Cellular routers are a type of router that uses cellular technology to provide internet access. They are an ideal solution for businesses, homes, and other locations that don't have access to wired internet services, such as cable or fiber.
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4G LTE vs. 5G: How do they compare?

5G’s speed over other wireless networks, low latency, and real-time communication capabilities make it an ideal choice for connected devices that demand quick, millisecond-level responses, such as self-driving cars, virtual reality, and other similar applications.
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How GPS tracking is helping lower insurance premiums

Fleet managers are looking for ways to save money amid rising inflation and mounting supply chain costs, and help could come from an unexpected source — lower insurance costs.
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7 Ways Vehicle Tracking Can Reduce Your Business Costs

We are often asked to explain the benefits of vehicle tracking and what it can do to help drive down costs. Years of experience have shown us that both fleet managers and business owners are often surprised by the efficiency savings they can make by employing a vehicle tracking solution.
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What is fleet management, and why is it important?

Businesses with moving assets —lorries, cars, vans, construction machinery, and more — need a good system to keep track of where their assets are, and how they are being used. They need to make sure assets are being used efficiently, safely and securely. This becomes even more critical as businesses accumulate more assets, and grow their operations.
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What is Telematics?

In a very broad sense, telematics can be used to reference a range of systems, including the internet itself. However, these days, it is more commonly used to apply to vehicle telematics, where location information (GPS tracking) and diagnostics data is collected in real time to manage a business fleet — cars, trucks and other assets.
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How Edge AI is changing the world around us

Edge AI are hardware devices that operate at the network edge (where end users are connecting, which could be anywhere) that include processing power and data storage sufficient to perform computing tasks (Edge AI applications) that previously were handled by central cloud services.
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The Edge Cloud explained (and why it’s good for your business network)

You’ve heard of the cloud, but maybe not the edge cloud, or edge computing. If you understand the basic concept of the cloud then you’ll grasp the edge cloud without too much trouble.
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