Important media coverage and industry news about 5G, enterprise IoT and wireless technology.

Interview: CTO Sessions: Dan Picker, Inseego

IDG Connect sits down with Inseego CTO Dan Picker. What type of CTO are you? “I have always felt that my first responsibility as a CTO is to envision the things that people (or businesses) don’t yet know they can’t live without, and then to realise those innovations.”
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Source: IDG Connect

Cyber Pitfalls to Avoid this Halloween and Always

October brings cooler weather, Halloween festivities, and an opportunity to raise Cybersecurity awareness to use all year long.
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Source: Information Week

Slow 5G Wireless Disappoints Many Users—But You Can Make it Better

Inseego's Ritesh Mukherjee explains the benefits of network slicing in laymen's terms.
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Source: Sascha Brodsky, Lifewire

5G helps scale the edge

The Inseego edge solution integrates 5G, wired connections, security and networking functions.
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Source: RCR Wireless

Podcast: 5G and sustainability

Ryan Chacon sits down with Inseego CTO Dan Picker to discuss how 5G and IoT will impact sustainability
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Source: IoT for All

Inseego 5G SD EDGE™ wins Compass Intel’s 2022 IoT Innovator Award for Public Safety

Inseego 5G SD EDGE enterprise networking solution provides dedicated, secure connectivity for public safety agencies with investigators and other law enforcement personnel working from home.
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Inseego Partners with CyberReef to Deliver Mobile Firewall Security Solution to Education, Healthcare and Retail Industries

Integrated offering, delivered via NASPO provider Discountcell, simplifies and accelerates U.S. state, local, education and business procurement and deployment of 5G solutions that meet federal security regulations.
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Inseego, CyberReef partner to secure 5G networks in regulated industries

Private 5G has great implications for enterprises: Complete control over a network, independence from commercial carriers, heightened performance and increased data privacy.
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Source: VentureBeat

Podcast: Inseego and CyberReef chat with the Fast Mode about the new solution for regulated industries

Tara Neal, Executive Editor of The Fast Mode speaks to Glenn Longley, VP of Product Management at Inseego and Rachel Turkus, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CyberReef.
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Source: The Fast Mode

More FWA funding will help close digital divide, suggests UScellular

Inseego partner UScellular is making a case for additional FWA access funding as it sees this technology playing a critical role in closing the digital divide.
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Source: RCR Wireless News

How investment in 5G will play out in manufacturing

For years, robots and computer-connected machinery have been transforming manufacturing facilities, resulting in greater efficiency, improved productivity and reduced waste.
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Source: RCR Wireless News

How investment in 5G will play out in government, education

5G will be a transformative force as part of government infrastructure. 5G-enabled technology will enhance government operations by delivering real-time information to help cities become smarter and more efficient.
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Source: RCR Wireless News

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