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The 7 Best Mobile Hotspots, According to Our Experts

We rely more and more on Wi-Fi and phone data these days, and with that increasing reliance, its more important than ever that we keep our data safe and secure.
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Source: BestProducts

Vertex Wireless Partners with Inseego

Vertex Wireless LLC, a leading distributor in the wireless technology industry forges new distribution partnership with Inseego Corp. (NASDAQ: INSG).
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Source: EIN News

What to Pack in a Tech 'Go Bag' So You Can Work From Anywhere

Whether you're going to your corner coffee shop, hot desking it in the office every few days, or traveling the world while you work remotely, here's what you should take with you.
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Source: PCMag

Colohouse, BrainChip, Inseego add executives to spearhead edge initiatives

The landscape of edge computing is marked by a surge in strategic appointments, reflecting the industry’s rapid growth. Leading the charge, tech companies are appointing seasoned executives to spearhead their edge initiatives.
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Source: Edge Industry Review

Inseego 5G Indoor Router FX3100 Now Available for T-Mobile for Business Customers

Inseego yesterday announced the launch of the Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G indoor router FX3100 for T-Mobile for Business customers. This compact, cutting-edge FWA device provides ultra-fast, reliable, and secure connectivity, empowering enterprise customers to stay connected and productive like never before.
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Source: The Fast Mode

Dynamic Duo of 5G and Fiber

Dynamic duos or pairings raise the benchmark and inspire all walks of life. Tom and Jerry, Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Mario and Luigi, Barbie and Ken, Burger and Fries, Eggs and Bacon, and numerous other duos share an extraordinary relationship.
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Source: Government Tech Insider

New Customized Private Wireless Solutions

Both UScellular and Ericsson have popped up on our radars lately, so to speak. In terms of UScellular, the company partnered with MSP Expo sponsor Ooma to make Ooma’s turnkey solutions more widely available, and they also launched a next-gen 5G indoor router alongside 5G cloud solutions provider Inseego Corp.
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Source: Industrial IoT News

Enterprises Cutting the Cord with 5G

Until recently, "cutting the cord" was code for removing TV channel subscriptions from your cable, satellite, or broadband provider bundle.
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Source: Pipeline Magazine

Urgent Services uses Inseego video telematics solution to achieve safety and delivery benefits

Urgent Services, a London-based provider of same-day delivery and courier services, is using a connected multi-camera system from Inseego to improve road safety, reduce operational costs and better protect its reputation.
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Source: UK Haulier

Revolutionizing Connectivity: 5G, IoT, and Smart Cities – A Future Driven by Fiber

Is Fiber revolutionizing connectivity to bring 5G, IoT, and smart cities into the next decade of technological advancements?
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Source: Marketscale

Jamming over video chat is nearly impossible for musicians right now, but an experiment with 5G showed promise for 2 artists 2,600 miles apart

The shelter-in-place orders at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic kept performers away from stages and sound booths. Being unable to collaborate and perform in person left many feeling lost and anxious about the future of their industry.
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Source: Insider

Charles Jackson & Co Expands AI Fleet Camera Solution With Inseego To Reduce Collisions And Improve Safety

Charles Jackson & Co, an agricultural cereal grain company, has rolled-out Inseego’s AI-powered fleet dashcam solution to its specialist haulage operation to target safety and insurance improvements.
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Source: Business In The News

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