SIM overview

On the Admin web UI Home page, the SIM Status panel shows SIM status information.

SIM: The active SIM on which data is displayed.

Carrier: The name of the Mobile Network Operator.

ICCID: The unique ID number assigned to the SIM card.

IMSI: The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) for your FW2000e. This is a unique number, usually fifteen digits, that identifies a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) subscriber.

MDN: The phone number of your FW2000e.

APN: The access point name for your FW2000e.

ECGI: E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier. This is a 15-digit code used to identify cells globally.

PCI: The Physical Cell ID.

RSRP: The strength of the cellular signal, measured in dBm. Higher absolute values indicate a stronger signal, for example: -80 dBm is a stronger signal than -90 dBm.

RSRQ: Reference Signal Received Quality. A calculated value from RSRP and RSSI that provides a measure of signal and interference.

SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio. The ratio of signal power to noise power expressed in decibels. SNR is a positive value, and higher numbers are better.

To view or edit SIM settings, select Settings from the side menu. Then select SIM Manager. The SIM Manager tab appears.

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