General status information

On the Admin web UI Home page, the General Status panel shows general system information.

Technology: Indicates the current cellular data connection, for example, 5G Sub6.

Band: The band in use for the current connection.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth in use for the current connection.

WAN Status: The current status of the WAN connection.

SIM Status: The current status of the SIM card.

FW Version: The version of the firmware (software) currently installed on your FW2000e.

IPv4: The network IP address assigned to your computer, not your FW2000e device.

IMEI: The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for your FW2000e. This is a 15-digit code used to uniquely identify an individual mobile station. The IMEI does not change when the SIM is changed.

MAC Address: The Media Access Controller (MAC) Address for your FW2000e. The MAC address is a unique network identifier assigned when a network device is manufactured.

To view more information about your FW2000e and its use, select About from the side menu.

The About page includes the following tabs:

  • Internet Status
  • Internet Sessions
  • Diagnostics
  • Device Info
  • GPS
  • Logs
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