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Although our products are easy to use, some questions can come up along the way. Check the FAQ section below for our common questions and the product documentation section of this site for user guides and manuals. If you require 1:1 support please submit a support request, we aim to reply on the same business day.

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Product documentation

Access product documentation for all Inseego devices and software solutions. Here you’ll find our product manuals, quick start guides and user guides, you’ll also find driver and firmware updates.

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Contact our support team

In most cases you should first seek support from the reseller you purchased the Inseego product from.

We aim to respond to requests within the business day. Make sure you know your product IMEI number or model name to help expedite your request.

Support FAQ

Who should I contact for support?

Inseego Products are sold through mobile operators or through our enterprise channel partners. The reseller you purchased the device from should be able to assist you with basic support requests, and when they need help, they reach out to us.

Warranty Service or RMA requests

Please contact the reseller you purchased the device from for warranty support or RMA requests.

My device won't connect to the internet. What is wrong?

All Inseego devices require an active SIM inserted to connect to establish a connection. Contact your mobile operator to confirm that your SIM is active, and is on a rate plan that is compatible with the device you are using. Your mobile operator can also confirm whether there are any outages in your area.

How can I make my Inseego device go faster?

Inseego devices are configured by default to provide the fastest connection possible for the network and signal conditions. If the device indicates strong signal (e.g.: 4-5 bars) and your device is not providing the speed you expect, please contact your mobile operator to confirm whether your account is being throttled due to high data usage or whether your rate plan is deprioritized or limited.

Can I use my device on another mobile operator?

Inseego devices sold through mobile operator are optimized for the best operation on their network, but will often also work on other mobile operators in the same region (e.g. North America vs. Europe). Inseego devices sold through our enterprise channel partners will work on all approved carriers within the region they are sold in.

Is my device locked to only work on the mobile operator I purchased it from?

Some mobile operator, such as T-Mobile, require that devices they sell be "network locked" to only operate on their network. If your device is network locked, it will show an "Invalid SIM" message when using a SIM from another mobile operator. In this case, you will need to get the unlock code from the original carrier. Inseego cannot provide these unlock codes.

Can I use my device in another country?

Inseego devices will work in other countries if your rate plan with your mobile operator allows it. Confirm with your mobile operator whether your plan allows for international roaming.

Issue registering a device to Inseego Connect

The most common issue that prevents devices from registering successfully in Inseego Connect is when the incorrect password is used to register the device. For security reasons, the current admin password for the device is needed to register the device. If the device was registered with the incorrect password, remove and reregister the device with the correct password, and reboot the device have it to check into Inseego Connect.

Enterprise customer phone support

Large enterprise customers can access our dedicated phone support team, please ensure you have your customer number and/or product IMEI numbers ready.

Hours: 8am - 5pm Pacific time
Toll free 877-698-6481