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What is AWS Govcloud? Why should your business care about it?

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AWS Govcloud is a specific region within the larger Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform that is designed to meet specific regulatory and compliance requirements for government workloads. It offers a secure and compliant environment for government agencies and their sensitive data. It is separate from but functions similarly to, the standard AWS regions.

What services are provided under AWS Govcloud?

AWS Govcloud offers a range of services from the standard AWS platform, including compute, storage, networking, and database services. However, all services within Govcloud have been designed to meet specific regulatory and compliance requirements, such as FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations). This allows government agencies to securely run their workloads on AWS without compromising compliance.

Here are a few examples of AWS Govcloud services:

  1. Compute services: AWS GovCloud's compute services include infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and serverless computing options. These services help government agencies and organizations run their applications and workloads in a secure, compliant, flexible, and scalable environment.
  2. Storage services: Government agencies can choose from a variety of storage options, including object storage, file storage, and block storage, to meet their specific storage needs. These services enable government agencies to securely store and manage their data in the cloud.
  3. Networking services: These networking services provide secure and reliable connections between government data centers and the cloud, allowing for seamless communication and data transfer. They also offer features such as network isolation, traffic routing, and gateway services to help government agencies efficiently manage their network infrastructure in the cloud.
  4. Database services: These services provide highly scalable and managed database solutions for government agencies. In addition, database services help government agencies ensure the security and integrity of their data through advanced encryption and backup features. This allows for secure and reliable storage and access of sensitive information, making it easier for agencies to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.
  5. Analytics services: These analytics services enable agencies to process, analyze, and visualize their data in the cloud. The services also provide advanced capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing government organizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions at a faster pace. This helps governments to better serve their citizens and improve overall efficiency.
  6. Security and compliance services: AWS GovCloud offers a wide range of security and compliance services. Some of these security and compliance services include encryption at rest and in transit, network security, access controls, and regular security audits. This allows government agencies to confidently store and process sensitive data on the cloud, knowing that it is backed by top-of-the-line security measures.
  7. Developer tools: These tools help developers collaborate, build, and deploy applications and code in a secure and compliant environment.
  8. Mobile services: These mobile services include features such as push notifications, user analytics, and authentication, making it easier for agencies to deliver a seamless mobile experience for their users.
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Benefits of AWS Govcloud for businesses

Enhanced security for sensitive data

One of the main benefits of AWS Govcloud is its enhanced security measures to protect sensitive government data. The Govcloud region is built with specific security requirements in mind, such as the Department of Defense (DoD) SRG (Security Requirements Guide), Impact levels 4 & 5, FedRAMP high, and CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) for law enforcement data. This ensures that government agencies can confidently store and process sensitive data on AWS Govcloud.

Compliance with government regulations

AWS Govcloud is designed to meet various compliance requirements, including FedRAMP, ITAR, HIPAA, and FIPS 140-2. This makes it easier for government agencies to deploy workloads on AWS without having to go through the lengthy and costly certification process themselves.

Lower costs for government-related projects

Government agencies often have strict budget constraints, and AWS Govcloud offers pricing options specifically for the public sector. This includes discounted pricing for government customers and special pricing for certain AWS services. This can help government agencies save money on their cloud computing needs.

Access to specialized services

AWS Govcloud also offers specialized services for government workloads, such as AWS GovCloud Marketplace, which offers pre-approved third-party software that complies with government regulations. In addition, other services are also provided, such as dedicated connections for on-premises environments through AWS Direct Connect, as well as advanced load balancing capabilities through Elastic Load Balancing.

Steps to migrate to AWS Govcloud

Migrating to AWS Govcloud is a multi-step process that involves configuring your AWS account and endpoints to interact with Govcloud, as well as migrating your workloads and data to the Govcloud region. This process may look slightly different for each organization, but some common steps include:

  1. Configuring Govcloud endpoints: The first step is to configure your AWS account to interact with the AWS Govcloud endpoints. This can be done through the AWS Management Console or programmatically using API calls.
  2. Set up AWS IAM roles: In order to access resources in the Govcloud region, you will need to set up IAM (Identity and Access Management) roles in your AWS account. IAM roles are used to manage access to AWS services and resources.
  3. Migrate workloads and data: Once your AWS account is configured, you can then start migrating your workloads and data to the Govcloud region. Depending on the complexity of your workloads, this may involve reconfiguring them to meet Govcloud compliance requirements.
  4. 4. Verify and test: After migration, it is important to verify that your workloads are functioning as expected and run any necessary tests to ensure everything is working correctly.

Tips for managing AWS Govcloud

Managing AWS Govcloud requires continuous monitoring and compliance to ensure your workloads are meeting regulatory and security requirements. Here are some tips for managing your Govcloud environment:

  1. Monitor for Compliance: It is essential to continuously monitor your Govcloud environment for compliance with government regulations. Use automated compliance tools or third-party services to help with this task.
  2. Optimize Performance and Cost: Utilize best practices for optimizing performance and cost, such as using reserved instances and cost-effective AWS services.
  3. Utilize Third-Party Tools: Consider using third-party tools and services to aid in managing your Govcloud environment, such as AWS Partner Network (APN) partners or AWS CloudTrail for logging and notification services.

AWS Govcloud vs. Microsoft Azure Government

With the rise of cloud computing, government agencies are increasingly turning to cloud service providers to modernize their infrastructure and improve their operations. Two popular options for government agencies are AWS Govcloud and Azure Government. Both of these options are specifically designed for government use and offer a range of features and services tailored to meet the unique security and compliance needs of government agencies.

AWS Govcloud:

As the market leader in cloud computing, AWS Govcloud is a secure and compliant cloud environment specifically designed for government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. It offers many of the same services and features as the commercial version of AWS, but with additional security and compliance measures in place to meet government regulations.

The key features of AWS Govcloud, as mentioned earlier, include government-specific compliance certifications such as FedRAMP, ITAR, and FISMA, as well as the ability to manage multiple levels of data security and access control.

Azure Government:

Azure Government is Microsoft's cloud platform designed specifically for government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. It offers similar services and features to its commercial counterpart, Azure, but with additional security and compliance measures in place to meet government regulations.

Azure Government shares many key features with AWS Govcloud, such as government-specific compliance certifications (FedRAMP, ITAR, and DISA) and the option to store data and applications within a designated geographic region.

Comparison between Govcloud and Azure Government

  • Both AWS Govcloud and Azure Government offer secure and compliant cloud environments specifically designed for government agencies.
  • Both platforms offer government-specific compliance certifications, ensuring that agencies can meet regulatory requirements.
  • While both platforms offer similar services and features, AWS Govcloud has a larger market share and a broader range of services available.
  • Azure Government has a strong focus on hybrid cloud solutions, making it a good option for agencies that require a mix of on-premises and cloud-based systems.
  • When it comes to pricing, both platforms offer similar costs, but it ultimately depends on the individual agency's usage and needs.

When it comes to choosing between AWS Govcloud and Azure Government, there is no clear winner. Each platform has its unique strengths and features catered towards government agencies' needs. It's important for government agencies to thoroughly assess their requirements and choose the option that best fits their needs and budget.

Ultimately, both AWS Govcloud and Azure Government offer secure and compliant cloud environments, allowing government agencies to modernize their infrastructure and improve their operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Additional resources

To learn more about AWS Govcloud, you can visit the official AWS Govcloud website or review the AWS Govcloud user guides for specific guidance on using Govcloud services. Similarily, for Azure Govcloud, visit the official Azure Govcloud website or review their user guides for specific information on using their services.

Inseego can help your business set up a Govcloud network

The AWS Govcloud and Azure Government networks are designed specifically for government agencies and organizations that require high levels of security and compliance. However, setting up and managing a network on these platforms can be a complex and daunting task for businesses. That's where Inseego comes in.

With our expertise in wireless connectivity and network solutions, Inseego is well-equipped to help businesses navigate the technical requirements and regulations of AWS Govcloud & Azure Government. Our devices are not only certified to work on these networks, but they also come with advanced security features to ensure the protection and integrity of sensitive data.

Inseego's solution includes a range of devices, such as routers, gateways, and hotspots, that are specifically designed for the unique demands of AWS Govcloud and Azure Government. These devices offer high-speed connectivity, reliable performance, and seamless integration with these cloud platforms.

But Inseego's services go beyond just providing the necessary hardware. We also offer comprehensive support and cloud management software, helping businesses set up and manage their networks with ease. This frees up valuable resources and allows businesses to focus on their core operations while Inseego takes care of the technical aspects of their network infrastructure.

With Inseego as a partner, businesses can confidently and efficiently set up their networks on AWS Govcloud & Azure Government, enabling them to store, manage, and analyze their data on a highly secure and compliant platform. Inseego's expertise and experience in this area make them the perfect choice for any business looking to leverage the benefits of government cloud services while ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance.

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