Transform your business with 5G intelligent edge

Improve business outcomes with intelligent operational visibility. Boost efficiency, lower costs, increase safety, and track key assets.

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Sydney Water

Next generation fleet visibility

Whatever your goals, wherever business takes your assets, we’ll help you keep them on track, and in sight. Powered by over 35 years of telematics experience and 5G technology, our solutions give you a clear overview of your business operations and make them work harder for you.

Fleet management

Boost productivity, reduce costs, keep your drivers safe and assets secure.

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Driver management & video

Improve accountability, safety, performance and legal compliance with fleet tools and dash cams.

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5G cloud networking

Secure, automate and orchestrate your distributed network with a wide range of purpose-built 5G solutions.

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Track and manage your vehicles and assets

Reduce equipment downtime, maximise your resources and locate your physical assets fast. Drive fewer KM’s, right-size your fleet and build a more sustainable business.

GPS vehicle and asset tracking

Improve driver safety and performance

Manage your teams driving habits and performance with tools such as Driver ID, color-coded driving reports, panic buttons and dash cameras. Real-time notifications give you visibility into your team and their safety.

Driver management solutions Discover our dashcams

Business works better with Inseego 5G cloud solutions

Inseego 5G networks can be deployed quickly, without the time-delay and cost of wired installations. High-gain antennas can be used to boost the signal across a wide area without the need for repeaters, ideal for warehouses, campuses, factories and sports stadiums.

5G work from anywhere 5G secure sites

Some of our customers and partners

Sydney Water

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For personal device sales, Inseego works with the following leading carriers:

Personal use

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer personal GPS tracking solutions. Our GPS tracking solutions and integrated cameras are best suited for fleets of 5 or more commercial vehicles and assets.

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