Status indicators and icons

The MiFi X PRO 5G uses the following status indicators and display icons.

NOTE: Icon appearance may differ slightly, depending on your service provider.

Display iconDescription
No iconsMiFi is powered off or not receiving power, or the screen is in power-saving mode.
Network signal strengthMore bars indicate more signal strength.
Activity indicatorData is transferring between cellular network and the MiFi.
Roaming*Indicates roaming.
MessagesYou have unread messages.
Wi-FiMiFi Wi-Fi network is on.
Connected devices
Displays number of Wi-Fi devices connected to your MiFi.
Tap to view more information (on Home screen tap to view Wi-Fi network names and passwords).
Multiple screens
Indicates you can swipe left/right to view more screens.
Battery charged
Battery is fully charged.
Battery needs charge
Battery is critically low. The MiFi will shut down unless the battery is connected to the charger.
Battery on AC charge
MiFi is connected to the AC charger and charging.
Battery on USB charge
MiFi is connected via USB and is either being charged or charging a connected device.
Battery Preservation Mode
MiFi battery level is maintained at 70% – 80%** until the charger is disconnected or the MiFi is power cycled.
No SIM card is detected.
Locked SIM
SIM card is locked. The data usage meter will not display.
SIM error
SIM card error. Check that your SIM card is properly installed.
USB tethered
A device is connected to the MiFi via USB.
Ethernet port is activated.
No Ethernet
Ethernet port is deactivated.

* This icon may not be available on some devices.
** On some devices, Battery Preservation Mode maintains battery level at 50% - 60% instead of 70% - 80%.
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