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I see other networks, but not the network name for my MiFi

The default multi-mode settings on your MiFi work for most Wi-Fi clients, however, some older devices require that you set one of the Wi-Fi bands to support older BGN standards:

  1. Access the MiFi Admin web UI. Tether your device to the MiFi with the USB-C cable. On the MiFi touchscreen, select Access Internet (USB & Wi-Fi) and click OK. Open any web browser and go to http://my.MIFI/ or NOTE: If you have another device that can connect to your MiFi, you can use it to access the Admin web UI.
  2. Navigate to Wi-Fi > Settings. Under 2.4 GHz Band Settings, use the drop-down to change the 802.11 mode to 802.11 bgn. NOTE: This allows older devices to connect on the 2.4 GHz band but leaves the 5 GHz band in multi-mode to allow newer devices the fastest available connection.
  3. Click Save Changes. Your MiFi will reboot, and the network name should be visible on all devices.
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