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Viewing info about your MiFi

You can view detailed information about your MiFi on the About screen.

Tap Menu.

Swipe up and tap About.

View details about your MiFi.

Model: M3000.

SW Version: The version of the software currently installed on your MiFi.

Wireless Number: The phone number stored in the SIM card for your MiFi.

IMEI: The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for this device. This is a 15-digit code used to uniquely identify an individual mobile station. The IMEI does not change when the SIM is changed.

Battery Level: The percentage of charge currently on the battery.

Battery State: The current state of the battery.

Internet Status: The current internet status.

Technology: The current cellular data connection, for example, 5G.

Network: The name of the Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

Signal Strength: The strength of the cellular signal, measured in dBm. Higher absolute values indicate a stronger signal, for example: -80 dBm is a stronger signal than -90 dBm.

SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio. A measure of the ratio between signal strength and noise level. SNR values are positive, and higher numbers are better.

Roaming: Indicates whether roaming is on.

APN: The Access Point Name (APN) available from the network.

IP Address: The internet IP address assigned to your MiFi.

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