Charging best practices

For optimum battery health and life, Inseego does not recommend keeping the battery fully charged for an extended period of time. To support this, your MiFi includes the Battery Preservation Mode (BPM) feature, which helps prevent overcharging and preserves the integrity of your battery.

Inseego recommends the following best practices to ensure optimal battery performance and life:

  • Minimize the amount of time the battery stays at 0% or 100%.
  • Charge, operate, and store the device as close to normal room temperature as possible (60° to 80°).
  • Store your MiFi with a battery strength between 30% - 80%.

Best results are achieved by allowing Battery Preservation Mode to activate if you keep your MiFi continuously powered.

Before using your MiFi, read the Battery Preservation Mode and Battery Tips sections that follow and the battery safety information in the Safety Hazards and Proper Battery Use and Disposal sections at the end of this guide.

CAUTION: Always use official OEM batteries and chargers that have been approved by Inseego for optimal performance and safe operation of your MiFi.

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