ZTP tab

Use this tab to initiate Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) when onboarding devices to Inseego 5G SD EDGE™ Manager.

Inseego SD Edge is a cloud-based management system that provides remote monitoring and comprehensive worksite network security. It provides IT teams with real-time visibility, control, and management of critical network infrastructure in a secure manner with advanced authentication, authorization, and encryption. To learn more about Inseego’s SD Edge offering go to https://inseego.com/products/cloud-management/inseego-sd-edge/.

ZTP Configuration

Protocol: Use TLS Encryption* as the protocol.

WARNING! TLS Encryption is strongly recommended. Test is plaintext for testing purposes only and may compromise the security of your network if used for deployment.

URL/IP Address: Enter the domain used for your EDGE Manager instance.

Click Save Changes to initiate ZTP.

* The protocol choices may appear as "SSL" or "No SSL" on some devices. Use "SSL".
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