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Closing cybersecurity gaps with zero trust security tools and techniques

This security framework operates on a basic principle: “Never trust, always verify.” No entity, whether inside or outside the network, is trusted by default. Continuous authentication and authorization are required for every user and device trying to access network resources. And the tools, practices, and policies that support the Zero Trust security model provide comprehensive network protection.
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Dual WAN routers are a strong failover solution for business networks

One of the key network elements that enables continuous connectivity for many businesses is a Dual WAN router. These routers have two WAN/LAN ports, allowing them to either simultaneously or alternately connect to multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Traditional routers with only a single WAN port can only connect to one ISP. With multi-WAN ports, businesses have more flexibility.
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Why effective load balancing is crucial to cloud-based failover

Load balancing works by distributing network traffic efficiently across multiple backend servers. It helps ensure that applications are always available and makes it easier to optimize application performance and manage workloads.
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Maximize enterprise security by replacing Wi-Fi with CBRS-powered networks

Despite its ubiquity, Wi-Fi is not the only or even necessarily the best technology to connect to the internet and support private networks, particularly for businesses. While Wi-Fi is adequate for many businesses that have only very limited reliance on internet access or place low demands on their network, for those that need high-quality, far-reaching, and secure internet, Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) may be a better choice.
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Educational institutions using broadband need CIPA-compliant solutions

As a leading provider of secure, reliable, and innovative wireless network solutions, Inseego is committed to supporting educational institutions in their mission to provide safe and productive internet access for their students. Our solutions are designed to meet the requirements of CIPA, and our industry partnerships help ensure we provide secure and reliable internet connection solutions for educational purposes.
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Intrusion prevention systems are a crucial component of network security

One of the most common and effective methods companies use to protect their networks is intrusion prevention systems (IPS). These cybersecurity solutions actively monitor network traffic and prevent threats from entering a network or endpoint through vulnerabilities in your system.
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What is Firewall-as-a-service FWaaS and why should enterprises consider using it?

Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) is a cloud-based network security solution that offers organizations an easy and cost-effective way to protect their networks, data, and devices. It’s normally a subscription-based service where the firewall functionality is provided and managed remotely by a third-party service provider. It offers the same level of protection as traditional firewalls but with added flexibility, scalability, and centralized management capabilities.
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SD-WAN is the next-generation evolution of MPLS

An SD-WAN virtualizes the network and separates the traffic decision-making process (control plane) from the traffic forwarding process (data plane). As a result, instead of sending all network traffic through a single hub, SD-WAN can dynamically and intelligently route traffic to the optimal path based on availability, bandwidth, and latency.
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Texas organizations can leverage state contracts for Inseego devices

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) delivers technology solutions to government agencies across the state. It is primarily focused on providing state agencies with purchasing support for the procurement and acquisition of broadband service technologies, including routers, modems, gateways, and customer premises equipment (CPE).
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How to optimize remote work with SD-WANs and SASE

Today, these networks are not adequate to support a wholesale transition to remote working that includes working from home and on the go. This is where software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) and the secure access service edge (SASE) come in.
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Private vs. public networks: Why private networks are the safer bet for enterprises

Network type is an important consideration for businesses. Different network connections have significantly different attributes that may not matter to users at home but can have serious implications for your business functions and security, among other things.
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Failover and failback are crucial to effective business continuity

In today’s digital landscape, businesses must have a strong disaster recovery plan in place. A disaster can strike at any time, whether natural or man-made, and it is essential to be prepared to mitigate any potential damage.
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