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Choosing fixed wireless access or mobile broadband for your business

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Choosing fixed wireless access or mobile broadband for your business

Fixed wireless access (FWA) and mobile broadband are both viable, high-speed internet options for businesses. But they have different strengths and weaknesses which are important to consider.

Fixed wireless access provides a more reliable service than mobile broadband at a fixed location, while mobile broadband offers more flexibility in terms of location. Depending on your unique business needs, one or the other may be a better choice to support your operations.

As such, it’s important to understand how the two technologies are similar, how they differ, and what use cases each is best suited to support.

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Fixed wireless access delivers reliable but fixed connectivity

FWA, also known as fixed wireless internet, provides fast, reliable wireless internet service from a fixed location by sending radio waves through the air from a nearby cell tower to an access point in a radio connection known as a line-of-sight. This approach is perfect for businesses looking to set up Wi-Fi in their office as it offers fast speeds and low latency.

The main advantages FWA offers over mobile broadband are that it provides:

  • More reliable connectivity
  • Longer coverage range

Fixed wireless access is also relatively easy to set up and access. All that is needed is a router to create the line-of-sight connection and the internet is ready to be used. The line-of-sight connection from the router to the cell tower that FWA relies on is not affected by obstructions or terrain, so it provides constant coverage throughout the signal range, resulting in a reliable wireless connection with little to no downtime.

Long-range access of up to 10 miles, meanwhile, makes FWA ideal for offices located in rural areas that may be too far away from DSL or cable internet service providers (ISPs). As an added bonus, FWA is easily upgradable, so businesses can increase their bandwidth if needed.

However, FWA connections are just that: fixed. For businesses that need internet access on the go or more flexibility in location, mobile broadband may be a better option.

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Mobile broadband provides location flexibility

Mobile broadband is a type of internet connection provided by cellular service providers. To access a mobile data connection, customers must purchase a modem that connects to cellular towers in the area.

The main advantages mobile broadband offers over FWA are that it provides:

  • More location flexibility
  • Easier setup

Mobile broadband modems are easy to set up and can be used in most locations, making them very flexible and an excellent choice for businesses that need to set up broadband internet for multiple locations quickly. And because they function anywhere with a cellular signal, they can be a great asset to field technicians, mobile salespersons, or anyone else who needs access on the move.

Inseego supports FWA deployment across use cases

Inseego is a leading provider of FWA solutions for both 4G LTE & 5G networks. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, whether it be an outdoor connection or indoor connection in a rural or urban location. With our expertise and cost-effective service, we can help set up your business with fast and reliable FWA for a variety of use cases.

Office buildings or corporate campuses

Office buildings and corporate campuses with multiple buildings connected by an underground fiber network can use Inseego’s fixed wireless access points to extend the wired infrastructure and enable seamless and reliable connectivity throughout an entire campus. Inseego’s fixed wireless options also function as a failover option in case the wired connection goes down.

Retail stores and restaurants

Retail stores or restaurants may want to offer customers a robust and fast Wi-Fi connection. By deploying Inseego’s fixed wireless access points, the business can provide customers with a hassle-free, reliable wireless internet connection. Inseego FWA solutions also ensure secure failover, so business operations aren’t interrupted by outages.

Monitoring operations in remote locations

Businesses with multiple IoT-enabled machines monitoring operations in remote locations may not be able to support a wired network. By leveraging Inseego’s fixed wireless access points, businesses can keep these operations up and running with uninterrupted, secure connectivity.

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Multi-location enterprise

An enterprise or small business with multiple locations in one area can use Inseego’s fixed wireless access points to create a private local area network (LAN) between all locations. This will enable employees to share files and collaborate with ease, no matter where they are located.

Inseego also supports mobile broadband deployment

Inseego also offers solutions that enable mobile broadband with its MiFi-brand mobile hotspots. These devices allow users to get online with ease by simply activating the device with their cellular provider and turning the device on within the network’s coverage. Users can access the internet on any Wi-Fi-enabled enabled device, eliminating the need for cables and landlines. Inseego’s MiFi devices are also compatible with 4G LTE & 5G networks, giving users reliable speeds, consistent connectivity, and a secure connection from anywhere.

Choose the solution that’s right for your business need

Whatever option you decide to go with, Inseego can help. Read more about our FWA solutions, mobile broadband solutions, our indoor cellular routers, and our outdoor customer premises equipment.

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