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Network Failover

What is Cellular Failover?

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Cellular failover enhances network reliability

Cellular failover is a technology that provides an additional layer of resilience and reliability to internet connections by providing a secondary connection that kicks in if the primary connection fails. Cellular failover solutions allow businesses to be more efficient, cost-effective, and productive by enabling them to remain connected and operating even if their primary internet connection experiences an outage.

Cellular failover solutions use a combination of 4G LTE/5G cellular networks and dual-SIM routers to provide a backup connection if the primary connection fails. The dual-SIM routers are connected to both the primary and secondary networks, and the router will switch to the secondary connection when needed. This provides businesses with reliable and resilient network connectivity that can stay up during any kind of network downtime.

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Flexible, resilient, cost-effective solution

Cellular failover solutions are also beneficial because they offer businesses greater flexibility. This is because they are not tied to one type of internet connection and can switch between wired Ethernet connections and cellular connections as needed. This also allows businesses to take their operations and resources with them wherever they go.

Furthermore, cellular failover solutions are often more reliable than other types of internet connections, as they are less affected by inclement weather or other environmental factors.

Cellular failover solutions also offer businesses a cost-effective way to ensure a reliable internet connection by eliminating the need for multiple connections or expensive upgrades.

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Three types of cellular failover solutions

There are three different types of cellular failover solutions that all work in similar but distinct ways:

Dual-SIM router failover, which uses two SIM cards in one router to automate failover in real-time onto a backup ISP connection in the event of a primary ISP connection failure.

Wireless failover router, which uses a separate wireless router to provide a backup Wi-Fi connection in the event of a primary connection failure.

Cellular gateway, which uses a cellular gateway to provide a backup connection in the event of a primary connection failure.

Wireless failover offers cost-effective reliability

While wired solutions have historically been more common, wireless failover solutions are easier and more cost-effective to set up and maintain. The main reason behind this is that they don’t require additional cabling or a change in existing network infrastructure, such as routers, modems, firewalls, or SD-WAN applications.

Wireless solutions also offer greater flexibility and scalability because they can be extended to cover larger areas and more connections can be made without the need to run additional cables.

Finally, wireless failover solutions are less likely to be affected by environmental factors, such as weather or physical obstructions. This is because wired failover solutions typically have cabling routes that mirror the path of their primary connections. If the primary connection is affected, this will in turn affect the failover connection.

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Inseego uses 5G to provide best-in-class wireless failover solutions

Inseego is a leader in providing multiple failover solutions for businesses and organizations. Our fixed wireless and cellular router’s dual-sim slot capabilities provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity for businesses and organizations, enabling them to stay connected even during outages.

Our wireless 5G routers are perfect for businesses looking to harness the high speed and capabilities of 5G broadband, while our 5G IoT gateways provide an ideal solution for businesses that need to connect to a wide variety of devices.

With Inseego’s failover solutions, businesses can rest assured that their data, applications, and operations remain connected and reliable even during outages. Contact us today to find out how an Inseego wireless failover solution can help your enterprise.

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