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What is Firewall-as-a-service FWaaS and why should enterprises consider using it?

Many enterprises rely on a next-generation firewall (NGFW), an advanced, appliance-based solution, for network protection. This hardware-based firewall uses a physical device installed on-site to provide advanced security features, such as deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and URL filtering. Though for many, outsourcing firewall functions to a cloud-based provider may be a more cost-effective option.

Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) is a cloud-based network security solution that offers organizations an easy and cost-effective way to protect their networks, data, and devices. It’s normally a subscription-based service where the firewall functionality is provided and managed remotely by a third-party service provider. It offers the same level of protection as traditional firewalls but with added flexibility, scalability, and centralized management capabilities.

While both FWaaS and NGFW offer the same network security functions, FWaaS helps organizations simplify their network security and reduce costs by offloading the management of their firewall to a third-party provider.

FWaaS offers flexibility and cost-efficiency

FWaaS eliminates the need for organizations to invest in costly central data centers, hardware, software, and IT personnel for on-premises firewalls. Instead, businesses can eliminate the capital and operating costs by opting for a subscription-based FWaaS solution, and get the same functionality based on a monthly or annual fee.

FWaaS is also designed to work with advanced network environments. It can easily integrate with existing network and security solutions, allowing organizations to protect their networks without disrupting their current infrastructure.

More efficient control and management

In addition to more flexibility and lower costs, FWaaS enables real-time remote management of the firewall function. Enterprises can manage security policies centrally through a cloud-based console, which provides greater visibility into network traffic and security events. This simplifies the management of operations and saves IT teams’ time and resources.

Central management makes it easy to configure the FWaaS solution to detect and block malicious network traffic, known malware, and other cyberthreats, keeping the network secure and data safe. Enterprises can take advantage of comprehensive threat protection, including advanced features such as intrusion prevention, deep packet inspection, and DNS filtering.

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Secure access from anywhere

With the ability to manage their firewall from any location, FWaaS provides a convenient and cost-effective choice for companies with multiple branch offices or remote employees.

As more people work remotely, securing access to company resources and data is crucial. By centralizing security through a cloud-based solution, organizations can ensure consistent security is maintained across all devices, including those in remote offices and home offices.

Secure remote access is provided through features like zero trust network access (ZTNA), which ensures that remote workers can access company resources without compromising the organization’s security posture.

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Simplified maintenance provides peace of mind

With FWaaS solutions, organizations can also have peace of mind knowing that their network is protected with the latest security updates in real time, without the need for time-consuming and potentially disruptive manual updates.

The solution provider takes care of managing the firewall. This not only decreases the IT team’s workload but also allows it to focus on other efforts to enhance the organization’s security posture.

FWaaS is compatible with SD-WAN and SASE

Another advantage of FWaaS is its ability to integrate with other advanced networking technologies, including SD-WAN and SASE.

SD-WAN is a software-defined networking solution that simplifies the management of wide-area networks. It allows organizations to connect and manage multiple branch offices and remote workers through a central control system. By combining SD-WAN with FWaaS, organizations can have better control and visibility over their network traffic and security policies. This creates a more secure and efficient network environment.

SASE is a comprehensive security solution that combines network security with network connectivity. It enables access to cloud applications, branch offices, and remote workers while ensuring enterprise-grade security. By integrating FWaaS with SASE, organizations can have a secure and scalable network infrastructure with multiple offices and employees, regardless of their location.

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5G SD EDGE maximizes the usefulness of your FWaaS solution

Inseego offers industry-leading 5G fixed wireless and cloud management services. Our FWaaS service is delivered through Inseego 5G SD EDGE, a full-featured cloud management software solution.

The 5G SD EDGE platform enables efficient management of an organization’s firewall, including software updates, patches, and security policies. This allows organizations to shift the responsibility of managing and maintaining their firewall to the 5G SD EDGE software, freeing up valuable time and resources for more important tasks.

Our 5G SD EDGE cloud management solution offers a variety of FWaaS options for enhanced security, including SSL decryption, threat intelligence, and ZTNA. 5G SD EDGE also offers SD-WAN and SASE integration, offering businesses a complete and up-to-date network security framework for any requirement.

Contact us to learn more about how 5G SD EDGE can help your business gain all the benefits of an FWaaS solution combined with the flexibility of an SD-WAN and the security of an SASE.

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