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Optimize 5G and fiber by deploying them together

Multiple buildings and devices being connected to

The world of telecommunications has seen numerous breakthroughs in recent years, with 5G technology leading the way. There are many advantages to deploying 5G as a wireless connection, making it a viable option for many use cases. However, for many businesses, wired connections still make sense, and fiber networks stand out as the gold standard for enterprise network architectures.

Fiber networks offer extremely high speeds of up to 10 Gbps and high bandwidth, making them ideal for applications that require a large amount of data to be transmitted over long distances. These networks are gaining in popularity for applications that require extremely high performance and greater stability and reliability, compared to other wired network options.

5G is the latest step forward in wireless communication. It uses higher frequency radio waves to provide data speeds that can exceed gigabit per second (Gbps), and offers increased bandwidth to handle more simultaneous data requests and multiple IoT devices, reduced latency, and virtually unlimited connections. Businesses that don’t require fiber’s maximum download speeds may find that 5G is the more cost-effective option as it can be deployed quickly and cost-effectively compared to fiber.

When deployed together, 5G and fiber provide powerful and reliable solutions for a variety of applications. By pairing 5G with fiber, users can take advantage of the combined benefits of both technologies to create a high-performance network that is also cost-effective.

5G for the last mile of a fiber network

In many cases, 5G and fiber can work together to provide a powerful connection from a data center to customers.

For this application, fiber is used to provide a high-speed connection from the data center to local cell towers. Once the data reaches the cell tower, it is sent to customers via 5G technology, providing high-speed internet to the last mile. This dual-technology approach can provide the increased speed and reliability of fiber, while also being more cost-effective than a traditional fiber to the home (FTTH) solution.

5G enhances fiber continuity with backup

5G can also be used as a backup or secondary network for businesses and households. By supplementing a fiber connection with 5G, users can ensure that a reliable internet connection is always available, even if one of the networks experiences an outage. This can help to avoid potential service interruptions and provide peace of mind.

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5G powerful enough to be cost-effective alternative

5G can also be a cost-effective alternative for small businesses who don’t need the performance of a full-blown fiber network.

By providing high-speed connections over the air, 5G can be used as the connection between routers and modems, eliminating the need for costly Ethernet cables. This makes it a viable and affordable option for businesses that don’t need the higher speeds of fiber.

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Inseego is a leader in wireless network solutions, offering businesses the most up-to-date 5G routers, CPEs, and gateways to help them get started with 5G. Inseego CPEs, routers, and gateways are equipped with 5G NR (New Radio) technology, allowing them to support speeds up to 1.8 Gbps. These solutions also provide the low latency and endless scalability needed to empower businesses to easily build reliable 5G networks and access the latest features that 5G provides.

In addition, Inseego provides a suite of cloud wireless management solutions to help businesses build and manage large-scale 5G networks. With these tools, businesses can quickly and easily configure and manage their 5G networks, while also getting powerful insights into their network performance and usage.

Inseego is committed to helping businesses use the power of 5G to its fullest potential. By providing the latest 5G hardware and easy-to-use management tools, Inseego can help businesses of any size quickly and easily get started with 5G.

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