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Why we’re excited about new 5G data plans for businesses (and you should be too)

By Jodi Ellis, Head of Global Product Marketing

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Just a few weeks ago, another telecom service provider — T-Mobile in this case — announced it would offer better 5G plans for businesses. No more surcharges for “business” services, nationwide connectivity, more flexibility, and more data at consumer price points. T-Mobile’s even promising businesses access to unlimited broadband data for $50 a month in areas where its 5G network is available.

These and other affordable 5G pricing plans make it far more feasible for businesses of all sizes and types to take advantage of 5G’s speed, capacity, reliability, and low latency. We’ve officially entered the era of competitive 5G data plans for businesses, and the full potential of enterprise 5G is about to be unleashed.

5G now a truly competitive option compared to cable and fiber

Some of our customers are already actively deploying solutions to put 5G to work across their organization.

However, for many of the businesses we talk to, a next-gen wireless strategy has remained on the distant horizon, obstructed by high-cost, restrictive data plans. These organizations have felt financially and logistically trapped into sticking with their current fiber or cable connectivity. They may have thought about 5G’s potential for their organization, but they’ve had no viable way of realizing that potential.

Now the 5G door is open, wide open, and all of those newly freed businesses can confidently explore what 5G can do for them.

Businesses across industries have huge new wireless potential

5G turbo-charges your enterprise applications, giving you actionable insights you can use to drive business success. The opportunities are almost endless. Here are just a few examples that highlight how our customers are using our cloud-managed 5G solutions as a secure wireless WAN alternative to legacy hard-wired connections.

  • Resilient branch offices
    When WAN issues affect your interactions with branch offices, restoring connectivity as quickly as possible is crucial for business continuity. You can’t afford to wait for wired WAN links to reconnect. IT teams are using our solutions to seamlessly, and almost instantly, failover to a fast and secure 5G network that gives branch offices that vital internet access. As a result, downtime is never an issue.
  • Remote workforces
    Most businesses will have to support staff working from home for the foreseeable future. But with so many home workers now competing for throughput on one network, performance can degrade. A number of businesses are using our high-speed work-from-home solutions to ensure remote staff always have access to the fast, secure, and reliable connectivity they need to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Connected campuses
    To be successful, students and educators need reliable, high-speed broadband access that safeguards their data, whether they’re at home, in the classroom, or on campus. Connectivity also needs to be available between campus buildings and within them. With our solutions, schools have the bandwidth and speeds students and educators need, whether they’re part of a rural school community, a multi-building campus, or participating in distance learning.
  • Retail efficiency
    With the razor-thin margins in retail, businesses must do everything they can to work smarter and more efficiently. High-performance 5G networks provide new opportunities to increase retail efficiency on every front. Retail businesses use our solutions to keep customers and employees connected, improve inventory management, make buying easier and safer, and engage customers on a whole new level.
  • Public safety communications
    In public safety, information delays can mean the difference between life and death. With our easy-to-deploy 5G public safety solutions, emergency responders — even those in areas with limited or no access to landlines for high-speed connectivity — now have reliable access to multi-gigabit data speeds and extended network coverage with enterprise-grade security.
  • Optimized private wireless networks
    Today, organizations across industries recognize that only a secure 5G private wireless network can reliably support the new digital tools, real-time data, and automation solutions they need for success. Businesses use our solutions to optimize the performance of their private wireless network in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way.

Start your 5G journey today

Ultimately, every organization needs to talk to experts who can help them identify the right strategy, tactics, and solutions to take advantage of 5G.

We’re ready to help you make your 5G use cases a reality. Our secure 5G fixed wireless access solutions make it fast, easy, and cost-effective to take 5G throughout your operations. And we’re continuously expanding our offerings to businesses with 5G Edge Cloud solutions, including a complete cloud-managed, distributed 5G WAN. Contact us today.

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