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Inseego Skyus® SC4 4G LTE Modem Enables Backup LTE WAN Link on Aruba Networks’ Wireless APs, LAN Controllers and SD-WAN Gateways

Closeup shot of the Inseego Skyus SC4 4G LTE Modem.

Great news! The Inseego Skyus SC4 modem provides plug-and-play interoperability with the Aruba Wireless APs, Wireless LAN Controllers and SDWAN Gateways using AT&T and Verizon LTE services. This modem is used to establish a backup WAN link when the primary WAN link goes down.

There are several use cases for deploying an LTE modem with Aruba Networks devices:

  • Remote worker: There has been explosive growth in shifting to working from home since the onset of the pandemic. Employees of Aruba customers who are designated to work from home are equipped with Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) to connect to corporate across the internet. LTE WAN connectivity facilitates primary or backup WAN link.
  • Retail: The retail sector has realized the advantages of using LTE WAN links to connect disparate remote locations to corporate networks. This enables businesses to open outlets closer to their customers, including setting up kiosks.
  • Transportation: Businesses looking to offer Wi-Fi services onboard a coach, for example, can use the LTE WAN link to backhaul the traffic.
  • Medical clinics: Medical facilities in rural or remote locations often lack reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some hospitals to establish triage tents in parking lots and other spots beyond the hospital boundaries. In these cases, the ability to connect via cellular networks makes the Inseego Skyus SC4 modem an invaluable tool for providing patients with health care services.
  • Business continuity: Provide alternative network infrastructure solutions for the Aruba portfolio by allowing the Skyus SC4 to enable wireless cellular 4G connectivity to the end device. This is an ideal complement where primary wireline internet service is spotty or weak and businesses need reliable connectivity.

Adding the option of cellular connectivity expands the usefulness and value of Aruba devices by enabling additional WAN connectivity options. Who knew that such a simple, powerful capability is already in place, just waiting to be plugged in?

Learn more about Inseego industrial-grade LTE Skyus SC USB modems with 24x7 reliability. Contact us for more information about our carrier engagement and device activation process.

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