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Texas organizations can leverage state contracts for Inseego devices

Two people working on a project within a library that has been connected by the DIR contracts

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) delivers technology solutions to government agencies across the state. It is primarily focused on providing state agencies with purchasing support for the procurement and acquisition of broadband service technologies, including routers, modems, gateways, and customer premises equipment (CPE).

While state agencies are required to make purchases through the DIR, other public organizations in Texas may not be aware they can also leverage the DIR’s purchasing power to get access to high-quality broadband service equipment. This includes:

  • K-12 schools, including public, private, and charter schools
  • Public and private institutions of higher education
  • Local government organizations, such as cities and counties
  • Some public entities outside Texas that have interstate cooperation contacts
  • Hospitals and hospital districts
  • Volunteer fire departments
  • Public safety entities

You can find a full list of organizations that are eligible to take advantage of this program here.

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Buying through Texas DIR is faster, cheaper, and easier

While of course these organizations are under no obligation to make purchases through the DIR, the option offers numerous advantages for those that do decide to take advantage of the program.

First and foremost, much of the work involved in searching for products and vendors, vetting them, and coming to an agreement has already been done. The Texas DIR has already established contracts with approved vendors for equipment and services. This means that organizations leveraging the program can access hardware, software, and services much more quickly than they could otherwise, without the need to negotiate with vendors or ensure agreements meet state procurement requirements.

Of course, another significant advantage is that, thanks to the state’s significant negotiating power, products and services are available at a significant discount. Plus, the state itself sets the terms and enforcement of the contract, ensuring that vendors are highly knowledgeable and will often exceed your service expectations.

A variety of hardware, software, services, and partnerships are available

There are six purchasing support options under the Texas DIR program:

  1. Cooperative contracts
  2. Shared technology services
  3. Communications technology services
  4. Strategic digital services
  5. Domain name registration
  6. Information security services

These options provide access to a huge variety of equipment and services, including:

  1. Hardware products and related services, such as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products
  2. Software products and related services, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, as well as a variety of management tools, AI capabilities, workflow automation products, and website design
  3. Training for technology use, such as application and web programming, data analytics, and more
  4. Project-based IT solutions and services
  5. As-needed IT staff resources on an hourly basis
  6. Branded contracts that exclusively include the products and services of a single brand

It’s important to note that the available purchasing support goes beyond simply helping with equipment purchases. While that’s certainly available, and significant, the Texas DIR contract also enables organizations to leverage state-funding and competitive prices for:

  1. Software that supports or extends hardware, such as cloud and application services
  2. External technology supports, such as mainframe services
  3. Modernizing operations via digitization
  4. Enhancing network security
  5. Services to protect and enhance networks, including network monitoring and analysis, as well as testing and vulnerability scans, to name a few

As such, organizations looking at leveraging the Texas DIR contracts to purchase broadband products and solutions should keep in mind the full range of hardware, software, and services they can potentially take advantage of.

Inseego solutions available under three contracts

A wide variety of Inseego solutions, including hardware, software, and services, are available under three contracts negotiated through the Texas DIR. All these contracts are open to state-level and local governments, as well as public education and other public entities in Texas.

The first is with Complete Tablet Solutions Ltd., which offers Education Information Technology products and related services. In Inseego’s case, the funding covers access to Inseego wireless modems, routers, and gateways, at a 5% discount off MSRP.

The next vendor contract is with Dell Marketing LP, which offers Dell-brand computers, laptops, tablets, servers, and peripherals. It also includes related Inseego technologies and services to facilitate use of these devices and hardware.

The third contract is with SHI Government Solutions Inc., which includes miscellaneous IT hardware peripherals, components, and related services. This includes software, hardware, and service solutions from Inseego, offered at a 4.5% discount off MSRP.

Inseego offers industry-leading 5G experience and expertise

Inseego is committed to helping public organizations in Texas use the power of 5G to create wireless broadband networks. As a leader in 5G wireless network solutions, we offer the most advanced 5G routers, CPEs, and gateways. Our products are equipped with 5G NR (New Radio) technology, allowing them to support speeds up to 1.8 Gbps, with low latency and endless scalability. This makes it easier for any organization to build reliable 5G networks anywhere.

In addition, Inseego provides a suite of Cloud Wireless Management solutions that make it easier to build and manage large-scale 5G networks. With these tools, organizations can quickly and easily configure and manage their 5G networks while also getting powerful insights into network performance and usage.

By providing the latest 5G hardware and easy-to-use management tools, Inseego can help any organization quickly and easily get started with 5G. Contact us today to learn more about how your organization can create a 5G broadband network to fit your needs.

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