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The FX3100 LED is blinking red

Reason: The status LED blinks red when there is a SIM error, no service, or in rare cases, the SIM card is locked.

Solutions: Try the following:

  • Turn off the FX3100, then remove and reinsert the SIM card. Do not touch the gold-colored contacts. Make sure the card is inserted with the contacts facing down, notch facing in, and that it clicks into place. Restart your FX3100.
  • Ask your service provider the following questions:
    - Is your SIM active and on a plan compatible with the FX3100?
    - Are there any service outages in your area?
  • Perform a factory reset.
  • Log in to the Admin web UI and check the following:
    - On the Home page, check the SIM status. If the SIM card is properly inserted and the device is not recognizing the SIM, the SIM slot may be defective. Contact your service provider to replace the device.

    - On the Home page, check that the APN is correct.

    - In the top banner of any page, check the signal strength.
    —> If you see No service, the device cannot see any towers, or is in a hung state.
    —> If you know you are in range, try removing the SIM and rebooting the device with a SIM from a different service provider. The SIM does NOT need to be active. Reinsert the original SIM and restart the device. This prompts the device to reload modem configuration details and should resolve the hung state. If this does not work or another SIM is not available, contact your service provider to replace the device.

    - On Settings > SIM, check for a locked SIM.
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