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Keep your business running with Inseego's failover solutions

Inseego's industry-leading failover solutions ensure your business stays up and running with a backup connection, even through wired connection failure or natural disasters, while also saving you time and reducing your costs.

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Why does your business need a failover solution?

Failover solutions are designed to ensure the continuity of the business in the face of an unexpected event, such as a network outage, internet outage, or equipment failure. These solutions provide a backup internet connection by automatically switching over to an alternate system and restoring service quickly.

Ensure business continuity

Business continuity is essential for any business. With a failover solution in place, interrupted service can be quickly recovered, reducing any business disruption and allowing operations to continue. This helps maintain customer confidence and minimizes any damage to the business’s brand and reputation.

Multi-location stability

Businesses with multiple locations rely on IT systems to be able to quickly transfer data across different locations. A backup solution can ensure that systems keep internet access, even in the case of an outage, and that data can still be transferred from one site to another.

Reduce downtime costs

Unexpected downtime can be costly, up to $300,000 per hour according to a survey run by ITIC on multiple corporations. A failover solution can help mitigate those costs by quickly switching to an alternate system, any downtime can be greatly minimized and give your business peace of mind.

Seamless customer experience

Maintaining customer satisfaction is critical for the success of any business, and the shock of an outage can quickly disrupt customer satisfaction. An internet failover system ensures that customers will not notice any disruption in service, allowing for a seamless customer experience.

Designed and developed in the U.S. with rigorous, third-party security testing.

Enterprise-grade security including multiple layers of encryption and built-in VPN support.

Better range. Better performance. Indoor and outdoor solutions for reliable, high-speed wireless failover.

Super-fast 5G and 4G for public and private networks. Industry-leading sustained throughput of well over 1 Gbps.

Why choose Inseego fixed wireless access for a failover solution?

Inseego's fixed wireless access solutions offer reliable, resilient primary internet connection or secondary failover connectivity that businesses can trust to ensure they are adequately prepared in the event of a network failure.

Enterprise-grade security

Inseego fixed wireless access solutions offer the most secure, reliable, and up-to-date encryption technology available. Through enterprise-grade security protocols and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, customers can count on their data to remain secure. Inseego also includes firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software to ensure that the data remains safe from malicious entities.

On-demand access anywhere

Inseego fixed wireless internet solutions offer customers the ability to access the internet on-demand from almost anywhere in the United States, including remote areas. The range of stationary or mobile devices that can access the system gives end-users the flexibility to remain connected wherever they go. By using Inseego’s routers, CPE, industrial gateways, modems, and hotspots, users don't need to worry about carrying cables or setting up a new device.

Flexible ISP choices

Inseego fixed wireless access solutions allow customers to choose the internet service provider (ISP) that best fits their needs. Inseego devices allow for dual-sim card usage and our devices accept all major internet provider cellular networks.

We made the right decision choosing Inseego. I don’t give it a second thought anymore. I know the connectivity will be there when it’s needed, every time.

Stephanie Tang

Owner of Active Physiotherapy

Dual-sim card redundancy

With two SIM slots, your Inseego device can be configured to automatically switch between service providers, based on the strongest signal, bandwidth, data thresholds, or other parameters you set. No interruptions, no downtime!

Built for performance

Our custom internal antenna designs consistently outperform competitor products

Inseego-built hardware and software ensure that your device works seamlessly

Sustained 5G and 4G LTE throughput performance enabled by proprietary heat management systems

Device management from anywhere

Inseego provides businesses with a comprehensive solution to remotely manage their connected devices with SD-Edge and Inseego Connect. Through the Inseego suite of products, businesses can easily set up, monitor and manage their devices, enabling remotely located personnel to view and update device information and settings in real-time.

Plug and play. Deploy immediately - no delays

You don't need to wait to get connected. Inseego devices are quick to install, without any complicated cabling required. Use the Inseego Mobile App to find the optimal position for installation, monitor performance, and troubleshoot any issues.

Find the right backup internet option for your business

Inseego provides a wide range of hardware for failover, designed to ensure networks stay connected and businesses stay operational. With 4G LTE & 5G cellular routers, modems, and gateways, businesses can easily switch to alternative internet options in case of outages.

Wavemaker 5G indoor router FX2000 series

Plug and play 5G & 4G router
Dual band Wi-Fi 6 up to 30 clients
External antenna support
Dual SIM support
1 Gbps LAN port

Wavemaker 5G indoor router FX3100 series

Plug and play 5G & 4G router
Dual band Wi-Fi 6 up to 64 clients
External antenna support
2x 1 Gbps WAN/LAN port

Wavemaker 5G indoor router FG2000 series

Plug and play 5G & 4G router
Dual band Wi-Fi 6 up to 128 clients
External antenna support
Dual SIM support
Multiple LAN including a 5 Gbps port

Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2000 series

Reliable high speed 5G & 4G
High gain (up to 14dBi) directional antennas
IP67 rated
Dual SIM support
5 Gbps ethernet & PoE support

Wavemaker 5G outdoor CPE FW2010 series

High speed, low latency 5G & 4G
High power mmWave antennas
IP67 rated
Dual SIM support
5 Gbps ethernet & PoE support

Wavemaker 5G industrial gateway S2000 series

Industrial grade 5G + 4G gateway
Designed for 24/7 operation
Multiple power, mounting and antenna options
Dual SIM support
5 Gbps LAN + PoE support

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