User List overview

Use the User List page to create, view, and manage users.

The list provides details on your Inseego Connect users:

User Name: The name of the user. Click on a name to edit the name, email address, or role assigned to the user.

Email: The email address of the user.

Role: The role assigned to the user.

Hierarchy Node: The node to which the user has access (for future use).

Status: Indicates whether the user is locked or unlocked. A locked user does not have access to Inseego Connect.


Use the filter icon next to a column heading to view the type of searching and sorting capabilities for that column. Columns have unique filtering features and functions. You can drag and drop column headings to rearrange the column order in the table as desired.

Use the menu icon in the upper right to refresh or export the table.

Use the tools along the top of the table to create a new user or manage existing users.