Inseego Connect™ is a multi-tiered device management platform that allows you to deploy, monitor, and manage Inseego IoT devices remotely from the cloud. With Inseego Connect, you can easily monitor device availability, location, and usage—and configure devices remotely, helping you scale your deployment reliably, securely, and quickly.

Key features

Inseego Connect allows you to:

  • Monitor an entire deployment of devices in mobile or remote environments to gain real-time visibility on the status of your assets and recognize trends in device data.
  • Configure and troubleshoot devices from one user-friendly platform.
  • Group devices together to push widespread configurations.
  • Set alarm rules, associate rules to devices or device groups, and determine which users receive alerts when alarms are triggered.
  • Schedule and run reports for data usage, signal quality, alarm history, and inventory.
  • Manage users and assign roles with specific access and permission levels.