Adding a single device

NOTE: When adding devices, make sure the devices are powered on and are connected to the internet.

Use the Add Single button to add a single device to Inseego Connect. The Add Single Device dialog appears:

  • Device Name— Enter a name for the device (optional).
  • Device IMEI— Enter the IMEI for the device. This is usuallyprinted on the device label.
  • Device Password— Enter the current Admin web UI password. If you have already logged into the device’s Admin web UI and changed the Admin password, use the new password. If you have not changed the Admin password, for many devices, the default is printed on the device label (the default Admin password for FW devices is “Fast5G!”.)
  • Click Register. The device enters a WAITING_FOR_CONNECTION state while waiting to connect to the Inseego cloud.

IMPORTANT: After adding a device, restart the device immediately. This allows the device to check in and process the registration request.

Once devices the registration process is complete, the device appears on the Device List page and no longer appears on the Register page.