Creating a device group

Use the Create button to create a new device group:

  • Select a Group Type:

    - Static Group
    — A static group is any logical grouping of a fixed set of devices. You can use static groups to view group level dashboards, define alarms, and run reports on a specific set of devices.
    NOTE: A device can belong to multiple static groups.

    - Config Group
    — A config group consists of devices in which a template defines and maintains configuration settings. If a user changes any device setting that is configured in the template, the template is reapplied, and the device reverts to template settings.
    NOTE: A device can belong to only one config group.
  • Group Name — Enter a name for the group.
  • Template Name — If you are creating a config group, select a template from the drop-down list.
  • Select Devices — Select the devices you want included in the group. NOTE: Devices in a config group must have the same model and firmware version as the template.
  • Click Save. The group appears in the list.