Scheduling a report

To schedule a report or edit an existing schedule, check the box next to the report name and click the Schedule button. The Schedule Report dialog leads you through the following screens:

NOTE: You can turn schedules on or off with the slider at in the top right of this dialog.

  • Select how often to run this report — Use the checkboxes to select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Select time of day to run the report — Use the drop-down to select the time.
  • Click Next.
  • Select User — Use the checkboxes to select which users you want to receive this report or use the checkbox at the top to select all users in the list. After making your selections, you can check the Show only selected users box, if desired.
  • Enter Email Addresses — Enter email addresses for any additional users you want to receive this report.
  • Click Finish.

The schedule appears in the Frequency column of the Reports list.