User guide

Using Inseego Connect with OOBM

To use Inseego Connect with OOBM, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Inseego Connect.

2. Select the device connected to the managed router you wish to configure and click Configure.

3. Select USB Serial from the menu.

4. Change the console settings as necessary to establish a serial connection to the managed router and click Save to Device.

5. Click Terminal on the device dashboard.
The device automatically attempts to connect in two phases:

  • Successfully connected to the server… indicates that the Inseego terminal service is active.
  • Remote device detected… indicates that the remote system is identified and ready to connect.

6. Authenticate the remote server using the remote console access login credentials you set up from the managed router.

7. Utilize commands as needed to communicate with and/or configure devices connected to the managed router.

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