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General status information

On the Admin web UI home page, the General Status panel provides an overview of the current FX3100 status.

Technology: Indicates the current cellular data connection, for example, 5G.

Band: The band in use for the current connection.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth in use for the current connection.

WAN Status: The status of the WAN.

SIM Status: The status of the SIM card. If the SIM card is missing, or there is some form of SIM error, connection to the mobile network is not possible.

FW Version: The version of the firmware (software) currently installed on your FX3100.

IPv4: The internet IP address assigned to the FX3100.

IMEI: The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for your FX3100. This is a 15-digit code used to uniquely identify an individual mobile station. The IMEI does not change when the SIM is changed.

MAC Address: The Media Access Controller (MAC) Address for the Wi-Fi interface on your FX3100. The MAC address is a unique network identifier assigned when a network device is manufactured.

To view more detailed information about your FX3100 and its use, select from the home page About panel or select About from the side menu.

The About page includes the following tabs:

  • Internet Status
  • Internet Sessions
  • Diagnostics
  • Device Info
  • Logs
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