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Software Update tab

Software updates are delivered to the FX3100 automatically over the mobile network. This tab displays your current software version, last system update information, software update history, and allows you to check for new software updates.

NOTE: If the FX3100 is used on a private APN or cellular network, or if access is limited to specific sites, you must include the following URL in the access list so that automatic software updates can be delivered and you can check for updates: (TCP 443).

Current Software

Modem Software Version: The version of software currently installed for the modem component.

OS Version: The version number for the Operating System and its components.

Cute Version: The cute version of the software currently installed on your FX3100.

PRI Version: The configuration version currently applied to your FX3100.

Check for New Software Update

Last check for update: The date and time the FX3100 last checked to see if an update was available.

Update status: This area is usually blank. If you check for an update, the results display.

Check for Update: Click this button to manually check for available software updates. If a new software update is available, it is automatically downloaded.

Last Software Update

This section displays details about the last software update.

Software Update History

Click the heading to open this section and view details of the last two updates downloaded and installed to this FX3100. If no updates have been installed, this section displays the current software version.

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