User guide

MAC Filter tab

The MAC filter allows only selected devices to access the FX3100 network through DHCP. By default, MAC filter is turned off.

Use this tab to turn the MAC Filter on and specify device access.

MAC Filter Configuration

To use the MAC filter, select the device(s) from the device list that you want to be allowed to connect to the network through DHCP and move the MAC filter ON/OFFslider to ON. Click Save Changes.

CAUTION! Turning on MAC filtering immediately disconnects all devices that are not included in the filter from the network.

This list includes all devices currently connected to the FX3100.

Add new device: Use this button to add a device to the device list, then enter the device name, MAC address, and choose whether to select the MAC Address Filter checkbox.

To delete a device from the list, select its Delete checkbox and click Save Changes.

To discard any unsaved changes and refresh the list, click Refresh list and Confirm.

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