Quick start guide

Monitoring and managing your FX3100

You can use the following options to monitor and manage your FX3100:

Inseego Mobile app - Use the same mobile app you used to install your FX3100 to perform basic device monitoring and management.

FX3100 Admin web UI - Access the web UI at, at, http://inseego.local, or http://fx3100.com for a full set of device management features.

Inseego Connect - Go to connect.inseego.com to sign up for a free Inseego Connect account that lets you configure settings, monitor status, and update the firmware on your device. Additional functionality can be obtained with a subscription to Inseego Connect Standard or Advanced.

NOTE: Passwords for Wi-Fi and the Admin web UI are printed on the label of your device. We strongly recommend that you change your password before using your FX3100.