VM deployment guide

Launch the virtual machine

1. Login to AWS console, go to EC2 service > AMI, and select the AMI image. Click Launch.

2. Choose an instance and click Next.

3. Select a VPC from the Network drop-down and enable Auto-assign Public IP. Click Next.

4. Add the appropriate storage.

5. In the Add Tags section, enter the name of the server and click Next.

6. Select an existing security group or create a new one.

If you are creating a new security group:

For SSH – You can edit the source IP address as desired. NOTE: If you want to allow access to the portal from outside the domain, configure the IP address as This allows the portal to open from browsers on laptops/desktops anywhere. If you want to restrict access, provide a specific IP.

For Inbound rule – Update rules for the following ports and services:

80/433MA UITCP
7001Backend APITCP

Click Review and Launch.

7. Review the instance and click Launch.

8. Create a new PEM file. Select Create a new key pair, enter a name, and click Download Key Pair. NOTE: Make of note of this key pair (PEM) file.

9. Click on View Instances. You can click on the instance ID to view more information.