VM deployment guide

Linux KVM

The Linux KVM virt-manager utility allows users to create virtual machines using a GUI.

To deploy to KVM, follow these steps:

1. On the terminal, run the command:

$ virt-manager

The virtual machine manager window appears.

2. Click the monitor icon to start creating a virtual machine.

3. Specify the location of your Qcow2 image. In our case, the Qcow2 image is located in the ‘Downloads’ folder in the home directory, so we select the fourth option Import existing disk image. Click Forward.

4. Choose the operating system you are installing as Generic default. Click Forward.

5. Configure as per the recommended settings.

Click Forward.

6. Enter EdgeManager in the Name field and select the Customize configuration before install checkbox. Click Finish.

6. Select NIC in the left panel and configure as follows:

  • Network source: Host device enp5s0:mactap
  • Source mode: Bridge

Click Apply.

8. Click Begin Installation in the upper left.