ZTNA Broker quick start guide


Inseego 5G SD EDGE ZTNA Broker (Zero Trust Network Access) appliance is a virtual machine that integrates with EDGE Manager and enables Wi-Fi AAA capabilities.

Wi-Fi AAA refers to three services used to control Wi-Fi connectivity and increase network security:

Authentication: Identifies the user (or laptop in the case of machine-based credentials) by username/password combination or a certificate private/public key pair.

ZTNA-B supports authentication modes:

  • Local authentication
  • External RADIUS
  • Azure AD

Authorization: Determines what the user is allowed to access or do.

Accounting: Provides information on what the user is doing, such as logging or data usage.

ZTNA components

ZTNA solution consists of the following components:

  • ZTNA Broker
  • EDGE Manager
  • CPE (which devices connect to via Wi-Fi)
  • External RADIUS server or Azure AD (optional)