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Secure your digital transformation with the Secure Access Service Edge model

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Almost every business capable of it is now using cloud technology for agility and scalability. But the use of multiple cloud-based applications and cloud environments increases vulnerabilities, giving hackers easy access to corporate data. For businesses to effectively undergo a digital transformation, they need effective and efficient ways of securing their networks.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a revolutionary security model in network architecture that combines traditional network security technologies with cloud-native security features for a seamless and secure user experience. This enables enterprises to leverage the strengths of a cloud-based network without compromising security.

By integrating a SASE solution, businesses can effectively launch or extend their digital transformation without compromising security.

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SASE incorporates multiple components into one platform

Developed by Gartner, SASE is an integration of several key security components into a single platform that protects the enterprise network from cyberthreats and supports digital transformation. These components are essential technologies for businesses that need to provide secure access to a corporate network from anywhere for users in a cloud-based or on-premises environment.

Enhanced visibility and control tools

By incorporating SD-WAN, a cloud-access security broker, and a secure web gateway, SASE provides unparalleled filtering, monitoring, and network control capabilities.

SD-WAN is a cloud-delivered network component that helps reduce latency and secure application and user traffic routing. This allows for centralized control and automation of network traffic, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

A cloud-access security broker is a cloud security tool that sits between a company's on-premises infrastructure and cloud services. This provides visibility and control over corporate data stored in the cloud, ensuring secure access and preventing data center breaches.

A secure web gateway is a tool that secures web traffic and applications by filtering and monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic for malicious activity. It also provides advanced threat protection and content filtering to prevent data loss and maintain compliance.

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Powerful and flexible firewall

SASE incorporates a firewall that is both powerful and cost-efficient. It offers next-generation capabilities and a model where you pay only for what you need.

This next-generation firewall includes advanced security features, such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), application control, and deep packet inspection. It can identify and block sophisticated cyber threats, providing an additional line of defense for the network.

By enabling firewall-as-a-service options, SASE provides a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to maintain a secure firewall without investing in hardware and software.

Strict authentication with zero-trust network access

SASE incorporates not just new technology but new strategies to enhance network security.

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) is a security model that requires strict authentication and authorization for all network users, regardless of their location. This approach assumes that no user or device should be automatically trusted, and access requests must be continuously verified to prevent unauthorized access.

The ZTNA approach prevents network intrusion if trusted devices are compromised because no devices are trusted. This ensures that the network is protected even from unanticipated threats.

Simple, scalable, powerful network security

The convergence of these security functions into a single platform provides multiple benefits for businesses:

SASE reduces the costs of IT teams managing and scaling multiple security solutions because it provides all security options needed in one piece of software. By eliminating the need for multiple security solutions, it provides a simpler, more unified view of the entire network for easier management and troubleshooting. Real-time visibility into network traffic and access allows for better control and management of security policies and user access.

Businesses that use SASE can quickly adapt to changing network and security needs. With SASE it is easier to add new applications and users without additional hardware or IT resources. This enhances both adaptability and scalability for enterprises by providing consistent security policies across cloud applications. By incorporating a variety of security and compliance frameworks, SASE makes it easier for businesses to comply with regulatory requirements. This is particularly beneficial for industries such as finance and healthcare that have strict compliance regulations.

Of course, this would all be moot if SASE made using the network too awkward or tedious for actual users. Its user-centric approach to establishing and maintaining a security posture optimizes the user experience without compromising security. This is especially important for remote workers and branch offices who may have limited connectivity options.

SASE adoption continues to grow

Future adoption of SASE is expected to grow as organizations recognize the SASE model as an ideal way to provide a secure environment for all users. With the introduction of cloud-native and software-defined SASE solutions, the current models are going to be further enhanced to provide even higher security capabilities.

The SASE platform will continue to get stronger with the introduction of new features, such as branch offices optimization, secure doorways, advanced analytics, intelligence, and automation. These additions will provide more visibility into network traffic and a higher level of protection for sensitive data.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive security solution for your digital transformation journey, SASE offers everything you need.

Inseego’s SD-EDGE provides comprehensive SASE solution

Inseego’s SD-EDGE solution provides a comprehensive SASE and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) option for enterprises. It combines Inseego’s 5G-enabled edge computing platform with our SD-WAN software, providing a unified network and security solution for distributed and remote locations.

Our SD-EDGE solution enables centralized management and policy control across an entire network. With 5G capabilities, it delivers high-speed, reliable connectivity to all devices and applications, even in remote and hard-to-reach locations. The solution also includes built-in security features, such as next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection, and secure VPN connections, which ensure that all data and devices are protected from cyberthreats.

Advanced routing algorithms and quality of service (QoS) controls built into our SD-EDGE solution ensure that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and network resources for optimal performance. By using a unified network and security solution, enterprises can save on hardware and infrastructure costs, and reduce the need for multiple service contracts.

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