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Net4 Delivers 5G Edge Compute Retail Solution

LONDON – Net4, an expert systems integrator of IoT solutions, today announced the commercial availability of an end-to-end solution for retailers that leverages Inseego 5G solutions, Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), and real-time video analytics to improve store security, stock management, and other business operations.

As demonstrated in a recent 5G pilot program with Vodafone Business, this multi-vendor solution uses Inseego’s Wavemaker™ fixed wireless 5G Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity between live streaming video cameras and the Vodafone 5G network and distributed MEC. The video is analyzed instantly using the Net4 video analytics application running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength, which brings AWS services to the edge of carrier 5G networks so developers can build ultra-low latency applications for mobile devices and users.

“Inseego 5G CPEs are vital in delivering the reception and security we need to deliver and process multiple video streams,” said Alex Taylor, CEO for Net4. “Other 5G devices didn’t provide the performance to sustain this amount of processing at the edge. We’re combining the best technologies and services across the board to bring this solution to the market.”

“Inseego brings out the best in mobile networks by providing fast, reliable secure 5G connections that make this type of seamless solution possible. We’re proud to work with Vodafone Business and Net4 as part of this pilot to help European retailers – and other industries – to capitalize on the power of 5G and MEC,” said Simon Rayne, SVP & Managing Director UK, EMEA & APAC for Inseego.

Video analytics for smarter retail operations

Net4’s Video Analytics solution, which runs on the SeeChange computer vision platform, analyzes video streams from cameras in real-time to provide valuable insights for the retail sector, such as stock management, spill detection, personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, shrinkage prevention, occupancy, health and safety, and even age verification. Highly reliable 5G connectivity with sustained, high-speed performance is critical, especially as video resolutions increase and deployments scale to multiple locations.

5G connectivity anywhere

The Inseego Wavemaker PRO 5G series includes a broad range of FWA indoor and outdoor CPEs that are optimized with Inseego’s proprietary RF and antenna designs, providing the high gain and signal strength for outstanding connectivity in almost any environment — even at the edge of cellular networks. Inseego Wavemaker solutions include the Inseego Manage cloud-based SaaS platform for remote device configuration, deployment, monitoring and security through a web-based console.

Smarter inventory management and better customer experiences

For retailers, an empty shelf is a lost opportunity. And inventory ‘shrinkage’ from theft and associated problems causes billions of dollars in losses every year. In addition to addressing these problems, 5G and MEC solutions can open the door to exciting and engaging new experiences for customers and unprecedented opportunities for retailers.


The Net4 video analytics solution is now commercially available for European retailers and other businesses.

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About Net4 Limited

Net4 is a UK-based Internet of Things solutions provider. Net4 delivers complete IoT solutions to its customers and partners, removing the complexity and time taken to get to market. Net4’s ProFusion platform enables rapid onboarding and integration of any sensor into an IoT solution.

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