User guide


You can configure your FX3100 to best suit your needs, including changing your network name and/or passwords, setting up a guest network, viewing all currently connected devices, and setting device preferences.

You can use the following tools for configuring your FX3100:

  • Inseego Mobile app – Allows you to perform basic device monitoring and management. This is the same app you used to identify a location for your FX3100.
  • Admin web UI – Provides a local gateway to configure and manage your FX3100. On a device connected to the FX3100, open any web browser, and go to, http://Inseego.local*, or Select Sign In (in the top-right corner of the screen) and enter the Admin Password printed on the bottom of the FX3100.
  • Inseego Connect – Enables you to monitor and configure an entire deployment of devices remotely from the cloud. You can group devices together to push widespread configurations, troubleshoot individual devices, set alarms, and run reports. To learn more about the benefits of Inseego Connect, go to You can sign up for a free Inseego Connect account at

This configuration section provides the configuration options available for your FX3100 devices. The configurations shown are from the Admin web UI, unless otherwise noted. Many of these options are also available with Inseego Mobile app and Inseego Connect. Some configurations are available only with Inseego Connect and are marked as such.

* The Inseego.local web UI address relies on having IPv6 enabled on your connecting device.
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